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Where Engineers Go: The Top 10 Engineering Websites for ...

Where Engineers Go: The Top 10 Engineering Websites for 2013 - And Coverage of the Top 20

This past month, The Grid has brought you lists for the top 20 urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture websites for 2013. In these lists we compared our rankings to those from 2012. But this year we have expanded our horizons and created one more list devoted to the Top 20 Engineering Websites for 2013.

This past month, The Grid has brought you lists for the top 20 urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture websites for 2013. In these lists we compared our rankings to those from 2012. But this year we have expanded our horizons and created one more list devoted to the Top 20 Engineering Websites for 2013. Using Alexa International Rankings, we dove deep into the web to find out where structural and civil engineers are networking and gathering their information. Take a look through our list - in this new category - and engulf yourself in the world of structural and civil engineering.

1) US Army Corps of Engineers / / @USACEHQ

US Army Corps of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers has a deep history dating back to its inauguration on March 16, 1802. Their vision of engineering solutions for America’s toughest challenges encompasses a variety of fields, including civil works, military missions, environmental, emergency operations, research and development, and sustainability. Through the website you can register to do business with the CORPS, apply for jobs and internships, search for media and news archives, and scan through their library and publications. If you are searching for a specific office, just open up their map or send them a message. This site is truly your one-stop shop for any and everything you need to know about the US Army Corps of Engineers.

2) EMPORIS / / @Emporis


EMPORIS, the number one provider of building data and construction projects worldwide. According to their site, they were founded in 2000 as They initially focused on high-rises but broadened their scope in 2003 to include all construction types. On the site you can search for buildings around the world, find and even purchase images of structures, or connect with a specific construction company. EMPORIS can be used to promote your company through advertisements and listings, or you can research construction projects with their online database. If you want to get more involved with the site, all you need to do it register, which will allow you to submit your own photos and information.

3) American Society of Civil Engineers / / @ASCETweets

American Society of Civil Engineers

America’s oldest national engineering society was founded in 1852 and now represents over 140,000 members. As a member of ASCE you have access to technical information, networking opportunities and the professional side of the industry. The website includes an impressive section on education that offer journals, project info and research tools, amongst others. There are numerous resources for those interested in beginning or furthering a career in engineering. You can keep informed regarding ASCE's honors and awards program, ethics upheld within the profession and even the appropriate salaries for a specific job. Whether you are new to the field, an activist, supporter or just a curious enthusiast, there is something here for everyone on ASCE’s website.

4) TenLinks: Civil Engineering Directory / / @tenlinksnews

TenLinks Civil Engineering Directory

Founded in 1999 with, TenLinks is a network of websites and newsletters that has grown to be the largest online community of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) users. The founders of the site made it their mission to create an an online directory for users to quickly search for civil engineering content. You can find their own list of the top ten civil engineering websites and information on numerous topics, including transportation engineering, information technology, bridges, and tall structures, amongst many more. Subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated with new content and feel free to provide your own feedback to the site.



NCEES is a national nonprofit with a long history devoted to helping engineers and surveyors advance their professional licensure by overseeing the examining used for engineering and surveying licensure in the U.S. The structure of the organization is outlined by the NCEES Bylaws under the supervision of a board of directors. The website helps you through the entire exam process, whether it be providing you with study materials, information on the scoring system or exam policies. You can also apply for an NCEES record and Credentials Evaluations as well as look up Licensing Boards around the country.

6) Structurae / / @Structurae


Structurae, the international database and gallery of structures, was founded in 1998 by Nicolas Janberg. In partnership with Maurer Sohne, Bentley, Ernst and Sohn and Wiley Online Library, the site offers information and images for over 62,000 structures around the world. Stucturae provides an easy-to-use directory that allows users to search for firms, products and services, people within the industry, and even administrative districts around the globe. You can find help in obtaining a reproduction license for an image you would like to use in a publication, submit your own data, or advertising for your business. If you would like to stay further updated with Structurae, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

7) Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat / / @CTBUH

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat CTBUH

CTBUH is an international nonprofit founded in 1969 with a mission to bridge the gap for all information on sustainable urban environments and tall buildings. The member-based organization has a clear organizational hierarchy of groups and bodies.The site provides readers with information on tall buildings, publications, CTBUH awards, events, and news. Feel free to contact CTBUH for inquiries and shop through their store for interesting books and reports. In order to be more involved with the site and have greater access to information, you must become a member. You can join at various levels, each with different benefits.

8) Engineering for Change / / @engineer4change

Engineering for Change

Engineering for Change (E4C) was originally founded by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and has grown into a global alliance with IEEE and Engineers Without Borders USA, our number 19 ranked site. E4C has created a forum for various sites to connect, collaborate and exchange knowledge. The site’s six areas of focus include water, energy, health, structures, agriculture, and sanitation. Their section on Info Systems provides easily accessible information to work towards community development. E4C’s resources include Workspace, a bulletin board, library, section devoted to news, and a learning lab. And to top it off, you can scan through their directory of over 14,000 members and register to be one yourself.

9) Institution of Civil Engineers / / @ICE_engineers

Institution of Civil Engineers ICE

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), a registered charity with a rich history dating back to 1818 in London, advocates for civil engineering through education, outreach, career development and training. ICE covers numerous special topics that are also covered in their publications, all of which can be helpful to those looking to advance their knowledge or simply access a civil engineering 101 tutorial. As a member of ICE, you will receive many benefits, including access to the ICE library, eligibility to join the Graduates and Students Network, and a large discount on various products and services, amongst other perks. Use this site as an opportunity to network with other professionals and market yourself to the civil engineering community.

10) STRUCTURE Magazine / / @STRUCTUREmag

Structure Magazine

STRUCTURE Magazine, a joint publication of NCSEA, ACEC, and SEI, publishes interesting and relevant content with the goal of becoming the “premier resource for practicing structural engineers.” Users can scan through the site for current issues, archives, articles, letters to the editor, news, upcoming events, and education surveys. Authors interested in submitting material can read through STRUCTURE’s procedures and email the editorial staff with engaging content. Take a look at their advertiser resources to learn how you can market your products or services on the site. You can register to receive subscriptions by emailing the Publisher.

They are almost there, but they did not quite make our Top 10.  Make sure to click through the remaining half of our list of the Top 20 Engineering Websites for 2013. It is very likely these sites will become even larger players within the engineering community in the near future.

11) Civil Engineering Terms 

12) Bridge Art

13) Institution of Structural Engineers / @IstructE

14) New Civil Engineer / @antonyolivernce

15) ICE Recruit / @icerecruit

16) BuilderSpace

17) Civil Engineering Bulletin

18) Structural Engineer

19) Engineers Without Borders USA / @EWBUSA

20) Go Structural / @ZweigWhite

There are many other sites out there not on our list. Are there any civil or structural engineering sites that we missed and you think deserve to be in our Top 20?  Make sure to let us know and perhaps we will see them here in 2014!

Credits: Data and images linked to sources. Thank you to Preston Shopbell for your valuable feedback. Some in this list owe big thanks to him too.

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