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Top 10 Job Boards for Urban Planners

Top 10 Job Boards for Urban Planners

If you love cities and want to make them better, stay right where you are. Global Site Plans searched through the web to find the best sources for urban planning job listings. We then used Alexa International Rankings to compile our list and present you, the reader, with the Top 10 Job Boards for Urban

If you love cities and want to make them better, stay right where you are. Global Site Plans searched through the web to find the best sources for urban planning job listings. We then used Alexa International Rankings to compile our list and present you, the reader, with the Top 10 Job Boards for Urban Planners. Several of the sites were highly ranked on 2013’s Top 10 Urban Planning Websites, including Planetizen, American Planning Association and Urban Land Institute. Opportunities await, so take a load off and find out where urbanists are finding work.

1. Planetizen / / @planetizen


Planetizen has become a frequent presence on our lists, having ranked highly in both Top 10 Urban Planning Websites lists for 2012 and 2013. One reason for their popularity may be their comprehensive list of jobs, which features career opportunities from around the world, covering all facets of the urban planning field. You can also advertise your own jobs on the site, with several billing options, or post 300-word internship opportunities for free. Stay updated with the new listings by subscribing to the JobsWire.

2. American Planning Association / / @APA_Planning

APA American Planning Association

American Planning Association is another popular site on our lists. The large membership-based organization has an impressive database of jobs in planning. There are over 100 jobs listed on the site, in cities around the United States. Employers can search through resumes and post a job, if they have an account. The site even provides job posting tips to help employers get applicants quickly.

3. Urban Land Institute / / @UrbanLandInst

ULI Urban Land Institute

This large, international nonprofit has also been on both of our previous lists of Urban Planning Websites. In addition to being a highly respected source of information and news in the fields of planning and real estate, Urban Land Institute also provides tremendous career opportunities. Use their Career Center page to search for urban planning-specific jobs. Users will also find tips on writing resumes and useful articles to help you in the search.

4. Cybrurbia / / @cyburbia_forums


Cyburbia creates a community for urban planners. Their jobs board forum provides a list of opportunities from all over the United States. You can search for positions through a variety of categories, all related to the planning field. Take a look at their FAQ page to get a thorough understanding of all the site’s features. If you want to be an active user of the site, register for an account!

5. Planning Magazine / / @PlanningMag

planning magazine planning jobs

Planning jobs is brought to you by Planning Magazine, an “independent information hub for planning professionals” based out of the United Kingdom. Their database provides anything and everything an urban planner seeking a job could want. Browse jobs by function, speciality and sector. See who’s hiring, find advice and look at their ads. If you really want to specify your search, set up your own email alert.

6. Planning Institute of Australia / / @pia_planning

planning institute australia

Planning Institute Australia helps build better communities by guiding planning professionals through education, outreach and professional development. Their employment directory provides job positions located around Australia, amongst other resources. See who’s hiring, find sponsorship opportunities or advertise positions.

7. Canadian Institute of Planners /

canadian institute of planners

Find employment opportunities located throughout Canada on the Canadian Institute of Planners’ website. The membership-based institution strives to advance the field of urban planning in the nation and beyond. On the site, you’ll find a link to post jobs in both English and French, which can be done through a simple online form.

8. The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning /

association of collegiate schools of planning

If you want to pursue a career in urban planning academia, this is the site for you. The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning strengthens the role of planning education in universities across the United States. Their long list of jobs includes positions for both professors and research associations, all specific to planning. The jobs bank offers numerous faculty positions, in addition to other resources helpful to PhD students and those looking to improve their resume.

9. TownPlanningJobs / / @TownPlanningUK

town planning jobs

TownPlanningJobs is a website run by planners devoted strictly to advertising planning jobs. On their jobs board, you can search for positions by location, job type, salary and category. Submitting a job only takes a few easy steps. If you’re on the job hunt, join the network and sign up for an account for free.

10. GeographyJobs.com

Completing our list is, a site devoted to helping users find jobs in the field of geography. Fortunately, that includes a thorough list of positions for urban planners. Most of the positions are focused in the southern states of the United States. Other related fields on the site include jobs in GIS, transportation, geospatial analysis and engineering. If you’re an employer, post your job here. Finally, receive email alerts by entering your information here.

There are a lot of sources out there for urban planners and city lovers alike to find jobs. Did we miss any on our list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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