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The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2015 - Highli...

The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2015 - Highlighting the Top 10

Global Site Plans’ The Grid is proud to bring the list of the Top 20 Architecture Website of 2015. For the fourth consecutive year, we’ve compiled the most visited websites that cover architecture, interior design and home improvements and highlighted their best features. Our ratings are compiled with the helpful hand of Alexa Analytics. Have

Global Site Plans’ The Grid is proud to bring the list of the Top 20 Architecture Website of 2015. For the fourth consecutive year, we’ve compiled the most visited websites that cover architecture, interior design and home improvements and highlighted their best features. Our ratings are compiled with the helpful hand of Alexa Analytics. Have a read and find out where architecture professionals and enthusiasts are getting their information to bring more beauty and functionality to the built environment through design.

1. SkyscraperCity / / @SkyscraperCity

Skyscraper City

Based out of the Netherlands, SkyscaperCity is a forum for users to share thoughts and ideas about the built environment. It began in 2002 and has since grown into an international platform. To join the conservation on their forum, all you need to do is create an account. Check out their FAQ page to learn how their board and bulletin works, and read through their posting policy to make sure the content you share is in line with the website’s guidelines. Registered users have the ability to engage with several of their fun pages. Rate which city is better on “one-on-one.” Guess which city is in the picture on “guess the city.” And grade the daily banner on “rate today’s banner.”

2. ArchDaily / / @ArchDaily


Since 2008, ArchDaily has provided the world with valuable architectural news. The organization’s mission is to “improve the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them.” Users can search for amazing projects from around the globe, contemporary news and insightful articles. The hardcore architects will enjoy their pages that cover building materials, interviews from professionals in the field and the newest software for architects. Finally, scan through their Milan Expo 2015 page to see work from top architects. To get active on the ArchDaily website, click on “Sign Up” in the upper right-hand corner the create an account.

3. Treehugger / / @TreeHugger


For all you users who love green and sustainable design, look no further. Treehugger brings the latest news, solutions and information on environmentally-friendly building. The website has an up-to-the-minute blog, and covers every area of the field one could hope for, ranging from design, technology, transportation, science, business, living and energy. Users will also find adorable and fun slideshows that capture beautiful photos of the natural and built environment. Make sure you keep yourself updated through Treehugger’s social media by following them on Facebook and Twitter. You can also sign-up for their daily or weekly newsletter to get the latest architecture news delivered right to your inbox.

4. / / @inhabitat

inhabitat looks into the latest trends in design and architecture and operates under the firm belief that design and functionality are intertwined. Their pages cover everything from architecture to interiors, products, technology, energy, transportation and fashion. They even have areas devoted to art, kids and design competitions. There are tons of opportunities for users to get involved. You can shop for fun products, advertise an ad or campaign, or give them some financial support with a donation or sponsorship. If you have a question or comment for them, send a message. Finally, if you’re a writer, send them your own story and maybe you’ll get published on the Inhabitat website!

5. designboom / / @designboom


designboom began in 1999 and has grown into one of the most influential design websites in the world. They strive to bring their readers the latest news in architecture, design, technology and art. There’s a list of design-related competitions you’ll want to check out and an extensive library of products for every aspect of architecture. There’s even an entire page devoted to interiors. If you’re not in the mood for reading, look through their archive of videos that cover new trends and ideas in the field. Their website also publishes interviews with industry professionals and global celebrities. You’ll want to consider advertising your work on designboom and signing up for the newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of their pages.

6. Freshome / / @freshome


Since it launched in 2007, out of Romania, Freshome has become one of the most popular websites focusing on architecture and interior design. Run by a small but experienced team, it’s used around the world by people who want to design and improve their homes. You’ll be inspired by their “Best Of” page that provides useful tips and insights into the field. The website also has content focused on apartments, architecture, bedrooms, furniture, kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms. There are plenty of fresh ideas that will help you create the perfect home just for you. Send Freshome a message if you have any questions or comments or would like to advertise your own work. Create a Freshome account by clicking on “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner.

7. Dezeen Magazine / / @Dezeen


You’ll find a unique selection of architecture and design-related content on Dezeen’s website. It was launched in late 2006 and reaches 1.75 million unique visitors each month. The primary focuses of the site are architecture, interiors and design. But the information doesn’t stop there. Dezeen offers an impressive jobs board for professionals in the field and those looking to get their foot in the door. There’s a long list of movies and short films specific to architecture and design you can watch straight from their site. Their MINI Frontiers page will inspire you with its numerous articles on the latest technological advances. You can even purchase your next watch at the Dezeen Watch Store. New content is always welcome, so send them your idea for an article or story. If you want to show off your company’s work, consider advertising on their website. You can get the latest content and updates from Dezeen sent to your inbox once a week or every day by signing up for their newsletter.

8. Architonic / / @architonic


Based out of Zurich, Switzerland, Architonic collects the latest information and updates on architecture, design and finishes for its global community. They have an impressive staff and are supported by a long list of notable partners. This includes posts on news and trends, product and materials, architecture and design collectors. Needless to say, you won’t be short on inspiration. One of their latest features is their jobs board, which shares opportunities from all over Europe. There’s plenty of ways to get in contact with Architonic, whether you’re a journalist, retailer, manufacturer, agency or architect. They’ve maintained an impressive archive of their most popular newsletters. If these look good to you, sign up to get them sent to your inbox. You can become more professionally involved with Architonic by creating your own account with them. Just click “Register” in the right-hand column.

9. Architectural Digest / / @ArchDigest


Whether you’re designing a single-family home, a mansion or house boat, you’ll find something to inspire you on Architectural Digest. Check out the latest decor, find out how to live like a celebrity - or learn about the latest architectural trends in cities. There’s numerous listings of products you can buy to add to your residence and posts about new design ideas from around the world. The website also has a table of contents for their most recent issue. If this sounds like content you want to read more regularly, sign up for a subscription to their tablet and/or paper magazine. Or send your architect friend a gift by giving them a one-year subscription. You can also get regular updates by signing up for the newsletter. If you’re an architecture or design-related business, consider advertising on Architectural Digest’s website.

10. Homedit / / @homeditcom


Since 2008, Homedit has been an excellent resource for ideas and inspiration to use for your home. Whether it’s renovating your home or finding a new table for your kitchen, you’ll find informative content that will provide you tips and updates on the latest in the field. If it’s interior design you’re interested in, look through their pages covering bathrooms, kitchens, offices and furniture. There’s also content focusing specifically on architecture. You’ll also find helpful tutorials on their Do It Yourself and How To pages, as well as other fun ideas to improve your home. Get in touch with Homedit if you have a question or comment. Go to the bottom of the page to sign up for their newsletter and get regular email updates.

11. Design-Milk / @designmilk

12. Dwell / @Dwell

13. Architizer / @Architizer

14. contemporist / @CONTEMPORIST

15. archilovers / @ArchiloversCom

16. Archinect / @Archinect

17. Web Urbanist / @weburbanist

18. Wallpaper / @wallerpapermag

19. archello / @Archello

20. American Institute of Architects / @AIANational

See how this year’s ranking compares to 20122013 and 2014 rankings and follow the Top 20 Urban Planning Websites on our Twitter list.

We’re so thrilled to bring you this list. But please let us know what you think. We love positive feedback, but are also looking to improve our list for next year. Did we miss any special features of the websites, or are there websites that belong on this list that we didn’t catch? Let us know in the comment section below!

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