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The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2014 – Highli...

The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2014 – Highlighting the Top 10

Now in its third year, The Grid is proud to introduce the Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2014. We dug deep into the web and took suggestions from our readers to find the most visited architecture websites, according to Alexa Analytics. We have many familiar names from our 2012 and 2013 lists, as well as

Now in its third year, The Grid is proud to introduce the Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2014. We dug deep into the web and took suggestions from our readers to find the most visited architecture websites, according to Alexa Analytics. We have many familiar names from our 2012 and 2013 lists, as well as a newcomer - Archilovers. As you read through the list, you’ll find several sites have moved up the rankings into the Top 10, while others have dropped down. The list includes a diverse mix of online magazines and forums that focus on all facets of architecture, whether it be your downtown high rise or a quaint backyard cottage. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the field or fresh undergraduate, we promise you’ll find valuable information that will help you advance your architecture career.

1. SkyscraperCity / / @skyscrapercity


SkyscraperCity has held on to the number one spot three years in a row! The online forum is a nonprofit venture, operated by volunteers and funded through ads. It began in 2001 and adopted its current form in 2002. To offer a fun fact, the membership level of SkyscraperCity is equivalent to that of a medium-sized city. And registration is free! There is an enormous amount of architecture-related content on the site. But to reap all of its benefits, you must create an account. The free membership allows users to share information on the forum and respond to posts. Members can also vote on the “daily banner,” participate in “guess the city,” and vote on the “one on one” page. However, anyone can scroll through the site’s list of projects by using their interactive global map.

2. ArchDaily / / @ArchDaily


After ranking number five in 2012 and number two in 2013, ArchDaily remains the second best website for architects on The Grid’s list. The online publication was founded in March 2008 with the mission of providing the tools and information for architects to improve the quality of life in cities for the next three billion people. On the site, you’ll find a list of projects from around the world, with detailed information on each one. There’s also pages devoted to news, articles and interviews. Other tools you’ll find helpful are their lists devoted to specific materials and software, as well as their coverage of Venice Biennale. If you’d like to submit one of your own projects to ArchDaily, create an account.

3. Inhabitat / / @inhabitat


Inhabitat earns its highest ranking on our list, after being listed number four in 2012 and number six in 2013. Started by New York City designer Jill Fehrenbacher in 2005, the weblog has grown to a solid staff of editors and contributing writers. The site focuses on the future of architecture and design with pages devoted to interiors, green products, technology, energy and several other topics. Creating an account with Inhabitat will allow you to submit a story and get featured on their site! There are other fun features that allow users to shop for various accessories and enter design competitions. With almost 500,000 members and lots of press attention, you might want to consider advertising your business on the site.

4. TreeHugger / / @TreeHugger


TreeHugger has consistently been at the top of our list, ranked number three in both 2012 and 2013. As you may guess by their name, TreeHugger focuses on sustainability. But the majority of their content is oriented to design, as well as technology, transportation, science, business, living and energy. You’ll also find fantastic images on their slideshow page and fun articles on their social page. Search for articles via category, tag or author to look for your favorite content. And keep yourself updated with TreeHugger’s work by signing up for their newsletter and checking out their RSS feeds.

5. Designboom / / @designboom


Although it has moved down the list the past couple years, ranked number two in 2012 and four in 2013, designboom remains a popular source of information for architects and designers. Founded in 1999, the online magazine brings together a diverse range of readers by publishing content on architecture, design, art and technology. With over four million readers, you should consider completing their registration form so you can upload your own projects and enter competitions. Other fun pages you must click through are their product library, list of interiors, videos and interviews.

6. Dezeen magazine / / @Dezeen


Dezeen magazine launched in November 2006 and has grown to attract 1.75 million unique visitors per month. Their popularity is evident in our rankings, as the digital magazine has held a consistent positioning three years in a row, ranked number six in 2012 and number seven in 2013. The site focuses on architecture, interiors, design and technology and is equipped with several helpful features for its readers. Keep yourself updated with the latest in architecture news, watch thought-provoking films, scroll through their jobs board, shop for watches and click through the MINI frontiers series. If you’re a writer, submit a story!

7. Architonic / / @architonic


Architonic has moved up the list fast, after not even making the top 20 in 2012 and then coming in at number 12 in 2013. The “independent resource for architecture and design” comes in at number seven this year. The amount of content on the site cannot be summarized here, but to give you an idea of what it has to offer, make sure you check out the pages devoted to architecture, design, industry news and product innovations. Architonic also has an exciting list of events and a jobs board that will link you to top professionals in the field. You can reap all of the benefits by creating an account, which lets you create a list of favorites, download CAD-files and enter contact data.

8. Freshome / / @freshome


What began as a blog in Romania has turned into one of the world’s most read digital magazines on architecture and design. Freshome came out of nowhere in 2013 at number five after not even making the top 20 in 2012. The site is easy to navigate, with a clean, crisp layout. You’ll find yourself inspired with new ideas as you read through their pages on architecture, apartments, bedrooms, furniture, kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms. The most popular work is listed on their Best Of page. Send Freshome a message if you have any questions or useful tips. Or better yet, create an account!

9. Design Milk / / @designmilk


This is Design Milk’s first year in our top 10, after not even making the top 20 in 2012 and just being squeezed out at number 11 in 2013. The site offers the latest updates devoted to architecture, art, home furnishings, interiors, fashion and tech. You can contribute to the regular column by submitting your ideas here. If you like the content, sign up for their newsletter or subscribe on feedly. Design Milk is funded through advertisements and partnerships, so if you like the material on the site, show them some love!

10. Dwell / / @dwell



Last, but not least, is Dwell, a digital magazine written by Modernists that celebrates the beauty of well-designed homes. This is the highest ranking Dwell has achieved on our list, after being number 12 in 2012 and 16 in 2013. The website has helpful tips on how to improve your home, all the way down to individual rooms. Helpful resources can be found on their Design Source page. And you may find yourself inspired with fresh ideas on their Cultures section. Also, make sure to check out their list of events and Dwell on Design link for innovative ideas. Stay updated with the latest publications by subscribing to their print issues or become a contributor and create an account!

The following did not make this year’s top 10, but they’ve all been ranked somewhere in past years, except for Archilovers, which is brand new to our list!

11. Archinect / @archinect

12. Homedit / @homeditcom

13. Architizer / @Architizer


15. Architectural Digest / @ArchDigest

16. Architectural Record / @ArchRecord

17. Web Urbanist / @WebUrbanist

18. Archilovers / @ArchiloversCom

19. Wallpaper / @wallpapermag

20. Archello / @Archello

We’re very excited to be running this list for the third year in a row. Hopefully, these are helpful sources that assist you in advancing your career in architecture and design. Let us know if we missed any sites in the comments section below and we’ll take them into consideration for next year’s list! Happy browsing! 

Credits: Date and images linked to sources.

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