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Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2016

Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2016

The long awaited The Global Grid architecture websites ranking is finally here. Be sure to check out our other rankings this year, including the Top 20 landscape architecture, urban planning, and civil / structural engineering websites of 2016.  In our Top 20 architecture websites, Skyscrapercity is holding its top position as one of the most popular

The long awaited The Global Grid architecture websites ranking is finally here. Be sure to check out our other rankings this year, including the Top 20 landscape architecture, urban planning, and civil / structural engineering websites of 2016. 

In our Top 20 architecture websites, Skyscrapercity is holding its top position as one of the most popular member-based global online platforms, followed by ArchDaily in second place for the fourth consecutive year. Our ranking is based on traffic data provided by Alexa Analytics. We hope that you will enjoy visiting or revisiting the websites included in this year’s selection.  

  1. Skyscrapercity / / @skyscrapercity

Skyscrapercity home page

The most popular architecture website since we started publishing our ranking in 2012, Skyscrapercity is one of the oldest and biggest architecture internet forums. Topics and discussions are structured under nine forums. Three of them are thematic, dedicated to urban development projects news, infrastructure and mobility news with multiple sub-forums and discussions dedicated to, you guessed it, skyscrapers. One of the key factors that contribute to the worldwide popularity of Skyscrapercity is its dedicated continental sub-forums where discussions take place in the dominant language of the corresponding geographic location. Our favorite part of the website is the photo sub-forum where you can find unique shots, locally taken by members, of buildings and urban landscapes. Topics and discussions can also be accessed through the forums map. Membership in the forum is open to all skyscraper lovers willing to contribute to the growth of the community.

2. ArchDaily / / @ArchDaily

ArchDaily home page

Second in our ranking is ArchDaily, “the world's most visited architecture website.” This comprehensive website is the destination par excellence of architects and designers for news, projects, interviews with some of the most influential practitioners of the field, competitions, events, and products. Under Classics, some of the most iconic buildings of the twentieth century, and especially those representative of modern architecture, are featured. In the More section, you can find recommendations for books and magazines, a gallery showcasing the works of some of the most talented architectural photographers and architecture guides of 26 cities from around the world. ArchDaily also has exclusive coverage of major architecture events such as the Pritzker Prize and the Venice Biennale. If you feel that the project you just completed deserves some serious exposure, you can submit it to be reviewed by ArchDaily editors and it might become part of their global collection.     

3. designboom / / @designboom

designboom home page

Designboom reports from the design, art, architecture and tech worlds. The website publishes news and articles about worthy projects and key issues in these fields - including interviews, studio visits, documentation of new products, and reviews of exhibitions & books. The website also has a dedicated section for interior design and another for workplace design. Designboom welcomes submissions from readers in all categories. Once registered, you can upload your work to be reviewed for a chance to be featured in the readers section. If you would like to keep up with designboom publications you can subscribe to their newsletter and follow their social media channels. Finally, you can shop unique designer products for home, outdoor, office and even fashion accessories in the website’s shop. In addition to english, designboom is also available in Spanish and Chinese.

4. Architectural Digest / / @ArchDigest

Architectural Digest home page

Founded in 1920, Architectural Digest has become a reference in the world of design and architecture, a lifestyle label and a trend setter. Its website features the work of top designers, home tours and travel destinations for architecture lovers. Their AD100 list of architects and interior designers is famous. The influence of AD in the area of interior design and luxury living cannot be contested. Its decorating+renovation section and gallery of thousands of pictures will certainly inspire you to restyle your interior or at least to pick some decorating ideas. Once inspired, be sure to check the website’s shopping guides to know where to pick stylish home items and articles. If you would like access to exclusive articles and stories from AD, you can subscribe to the AD magazine, which comes in both print and digital editions.   

5. Architizer / / @Architizer

Architizer home page

Architizer features architecture projects from over 40,000 design firms. Projects are submitted by professionals who can register, list their firm, connect with fellow architects & designers, and receive more exposure for their work. Architizer is also the place where architects search, source building products & solutions, and connect directly with the manufacturers and companies registered on the website. Architizer also administers the A+Awards, an annual press event which celebrates the best architecture & products, and is judged by more than 300 influential personalities in architecture, arts, design and fashion.

6. Freshome / / @freshome

Freshome home page

Based in Romania, Freshome specializes in domestic architecture and interior design. The weblog provides insights into the most current trends in home design and decor - for those looking to remodel their interiors. If you like contemporary interiors infused with Scandinavian warmth and a minimalist touch, you will find inspiration in the homes featured in Freshome. The website also publishes product reviews and features practical solutions and design ideas for each room of the house.

7. Archinect / / @archinect

Archinect home page

Archinect is a member-based online platform that aims to connect architects and designers from around the world, and to facilitate discussions and sharing ideas that matter. Archinect is home to an active forum where the website’s community of architects and architecture students post questions and ideas about technical, educational and workplace issues. To participate in the discussion, you can create an account, which will allow you to upload your CV, portfolio and work updates. For a space that enables you to be more expressive, you can create a blog or contribute to the website’s editorials and news articles. Founder and director Paul Petrunia co-hosts a weekly podcast, Archinect Sessions, where he discusses recent architecture news & issues, and interviews leading practitioners in the field. Archinect also has one of the most visited job-boards in the industry and maintains updated lists of events and competitions.

8. Arch2O / / @Arch2O

Arch2O home page

Arch2O publishes art, design and architecture projects. Its selections include projects of various references, sizes and locations. The website also publishes articles and news about the most recent and relevant initiatives, trends and technology developments in the area of architecture and design. Arch2O allocates special attention to architecture students with a section dedicated to students projects and lists of architecture scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students from foundations and organizations in the U.S. and internationally. If you like Arch2O content you can sign-up to receive their newsletter. You can also join their team as an intern, or as a writer and/or editor.

9. American Institute of Architects /

American Institute of Architects home page

The American Institute of Architects advocates for architects, architecture, a better practice of the profession and a better design of the built environment. AIA offers multiple membership packages for architects and architecture enthusiasts. Members can access, at discounted rates, publications regarding market trend reports and the economics of the architecture business, in addition to articles on key topics. Once a member, you can join one of more than 30 AIA knowledge groups and communities who work towards advancing the architectural practice, sharing ideas and delivering insights into key issues for the profession. The institute offers continuing education and professional development programs for architects, especially those preparing to take the Architect Registration Exam. AIA resources also include scholarships, grants and fellowships and a career center with job offerings in the public, private and academic sectors.

10. Archello / / @Archello

Archello home page

Archello has jumped from the 19th position last year to the top 10 of our list this year. The website showcases architecture projects and connects them to the designers and companies that were involved in their development, including products and materials manufacturers. The platform lists more than 30,000 companies that you can filter by industry and location, more than 2,000 materials, and more than 25,000 products. We like Archello’s thematic collections of projects that focus on a specific design aspect, material, building typology or structural solution. To stay up-to-date with Archello content, you can sign-up and follow your favorite companies, designers and projects and list your practice to be part of the website’s directory. In addition to its global portal, you can also access Archello through one of its eight dedicated country pages to view projects specifically curated for your region.

11. Architect / @architectmag

12. e-Architect / @e_architect

13. Royal Institute of British Architects / @RIBA

14. Architectural Record / @ArchRecord

15. The architects' newspaper / @Archpaper

16. Open buildings / @OpenBuildings

17. Archnet / @archnet

18. World Architecture / @WACommunity


20. Architecture Lab / @architecturelab

What is your online reference for architecture news, learning about new projects, and connecting with fellow architects and designers? Let us know in the comments section below and that website will join the running for our 2017 ranking. 

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