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Mumbai, India to Receive Water from Potentially Disastrous River Inter-Linking Project

by Auditiyo Das Gupta

Some of the largest cities in India, including Mumbai, are now slated to receive water from a very controversial river inter-linking project. Slated at $130 billion, the mega-project aims to divert portions of India’... Read article

Discussion of Restoring Urban Waterways in Montreal, Quebec Picks up Momentum

by Bora Mici

Is it realistic to think about exhuming or recreating the streams and rivers that have disappeared in the wake of urbanization in the city of Montreal? Over the last few years, this idea has gained traction, even bec... Read article

Inauguration of Renovated Water Treatment Plant in Bazas, France

by Katelyn Hewett

Constructed in 1974 and renovated between 1992 and 1995, the water treatment plant in Bazas, France has the ability to serve 15,000 residents. However, it was in need of being modernized again in order to comply with env... Read article

Study in Calgary, Canada Hopes to Improve Future Waste Water Treatment

by Katelyn Hewett

Lee Jackson, a professor in the University of Calgary’s department of biological sciences, is currently doing a project with his students concerning the treatment of waste water. The study aims to eliminate the ho... Read article

Farmers Unable to Water Crops in Salazie, Reunion Island Due to Water Rates

by Katelyn Hewett

In Salazie, Reunion Island, farmers moved to action. They denounced the lack of water in the commune as well as the tariffs for the water that currently exists. In this period of drought, they criticize both the lack of ... Read article

When Will Baltimore City’s Water Wheel Be Shut Down?

by Jade Clayton

Baltimore City’s newest Water Wheel has received a lot of positive attention in recent months, but it is just one solution to the Inner Harbor’s serious trash problem. A two-minute video from Healthy Harbors shows hu... Read article

Water Outages and Rationing in São Paulo, Brazil Launch Protests

by Nora Lamm

The Movement of Landless Workers (MTST) has been protesting since the afternoon of Thursday [September 25th] outside the headquarters of the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo (SABESP) in Pinheiros, west ... Read article

Milan on Water: Navigli, the Planning Legacy of Leonardo da Vinci

by Alexandra Serbana

The term “naviglio” is the Italian term for “canal." Therefore, “Navigli” the plural of “naviglio,” is the name for the artificial canals of Milan. They were built between 1179 (Naviglio Grande) and the 16th century (Nav... Read article

The Waterworks Museum Finally Shines in Thessaloniki, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

With the exception of Thessaloniki’s students, who have all visited the Waterworks Museum at least once, the space remains quite unknown for the majority of citizens. Despite the fact that there are many people who h... Read article

Innovative Fire Hydrant-Water Fountains on the Plateau in Montreal

by Bora Mici

Starting Monday, residents and commuters going through the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood will be able to drink straight out of two reinvented fire hydrant fountains. At first sight, the spatial allure of the metall... Read article

Greek Bathing Water Classified as Excellent Quality by European Union

by Dafni Dimitriadi

European bathing waters were characterized as high quality in 2013 and 95% of them satisfy the minimum quality requirements. In fact, beaches fared best compared to lakes and rivers, according to the annual report of... Read article

Billboards that Literally Breath & Create Potable Water in Lima, Peru

by Bora Mici

I have to confess that I am impressed by the social engagement of the future engineers from UTEC (University of Engineering and Technology), who have continuously been innovating to improve the quality of life (which is ... Read article

Waterloo, Canada as an Age-Friendly City

by Becky Loi

The popular portrayal of urban centres in movies, television shows, or in marketing campaigns typically show young professionals romping around the city. However, in reality, the population of cities is marked by demog... Read article