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Two Local Water Solutions from Boston on World Water Day

by Alyssa Curran

“How can we reduce floods, droughts and water pollution?” The United Nations’ World Water Day works to create awareness on the importance of water. Held on March 22nd each year, the United Nations (UN) selects a theme to... Read article

Not Your Mother’s Levittown: How “Brown Flight” Altered the Suburban Identity of Bridgewater, New Jersey

by Sukhmann Aneja

The west end of Bridgewater, New Jersey marks a series of densely populated suburban communities, known to the public as the “Milltown-Vanderveer” district, and to its residents as “Chindia” for its predominantly Chi... Read article

Boston is Getting Water Wise with Green Infrastructure and Design

by Alyssa Curran

For a city that receives an average of over 40 inches of rainfall every year, why is it that Boston, Massachusetts needs to pump in water from 65-miles away? Why is it that public health officials recommend avoiding ... Read article

Save the Drop! L.A. Achieves 16% Reduction in Water Consumption, but Misses the Mark

by Alyssa Curran

Flowing fountains, full swimming pools, and luscious landscapes disguise and downsize L.A.’s short water supplies. The truth is that Los Angeles doesn't have much water. Only about 11% of Los Angeles’ water supply is... Read article

Lucas Museum’s Waterfront Location Raises Land Use Questions in Chicago, Illinois

by Hannah Flynn

The George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is slated to open in Chicago, Illinois in 2018. Ma Yonsong of MAD Architects produced a sleek and sloping all-white design to house George Lucas’s personal collection of art, ... Read article

Waterfront Redevelopment Sought at Cannes Marchandises in La Bocca, France

by Iva Boishin

The Cannes Town Hall and Sncf Real Estate have signed an agreement for an urban development project for 23 hectares (57 acres) on the edge of the Mediterranean at the site of “Cannes Marchandises,” the Cannes train s... Read article

Two Historic Squares to Transform the Guanabara Waterfront in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

Two key areas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's downtown, 15 Square, one of the oldest sites of the city, dating back to the 16th century, and Mauá Square, built in 1910, will welcome travelers arriving by sea. The two squ... Read article

Brooklyn’s Industrial Williamsburg Waterfront Transformed by Luxury Apartments

by Quinn Harding

Williamsburg--an area of Brooklyn, New York historically known for its row houses, warehouses and factories--is quickly changing its identity. Arguably one the most popular neighborhoods in New York City, the Brooklyn ne... Read article

Policy Setback: New Ruling in Favour of Suburbs in Waterloo Region, Canada

by Auditiyo Das Gupta

After a 13-year battle, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has finally sided with developers on the issue of making more land available for suburban growth. Over a decade ago, Waterloo Regional Council had passed poli... Read article

Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay to Benefit from Stormwater Management Fees

by Jade Clayton

Maryland’s recent election has disrupted the state’s longstanding political paradigm by electing a new governor, Larry Hogan. Hogan promised to repeal a 2012 law that aimed to increase funding for the state’s stormwa... Read article

Sustainable Wineries Expand Use of Waterway Transportation in Rhône Valley, France

by Katelyn Hewett

A regular fluvial transportation line for palletized wines has just opened between the Rhône Valley and Paris, France. A development agency wants to incite carriers to transport a part of their freight on this water ... Read article

Is Your City as Prepared for Water Shortages as Trois-Rivières, Quebec?

by Katelyn Hewett

The water shortage that hit the City of Longeuil, Canada in January 2015 has had repercussions reaching all the way to Trois-Rivières. Those involved in the city’s municipal administration asked themselves if their c... Read article

Managing Water During Dry Times in Inland Empire, California

by Taylor York

The drought in California persists – for the fourth consecutive year. Snow Water Equivalents are used by The State Water Resources Department to measure how much water is contained within the mountain snowpack. As of... Read article