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Preparing for the Population Wave: Transit & New Housing Coordination in San Francisco

by Rob Poole

Between 2010 and 2040, San Francisco will need 92,410 new housing units and 191,000 more jobs to accommodate its growing population. The city alone will take in 134,000 more residents between now and 2035, while the Bay ... Read article

Why Has San Francisco, California Turned Its Back On Student-Housing?

by Rob Poole

The severe lack of affordable housing in San Francisco continues to plague the city’s residents. Students of higher education have not been exempt from this crisis, pushing aspiring young professionals into a predicament... Read article

Back to Reality: The Deflation of Melbourne, Australia’s Housing Bubble

by Steven Petsinis

An Australian's house provides major evidence to his claim of living a lifestyle that resembles the majority of the country. A quarter acre block with a backyard spacious enough for a BBQ and patio is synonymous with man... Read article

Rethinking Design for Social Housing to Make Better Communities

by Jasna Hadzic

Different models of public housing have been planned and constructed over the years, ranging from Le Corbusier’s inspired super-blocks to less dense low-rises. Often, the less dense form of housing has been designed with... Read article

The Alley Flat Initiative: Affordable and Sustainable Design

by Bonnie Rodd

The Alley Flat Initiative is a collaborative project between the Gaudalupe Neighborhood Cooperation, the Austin Community Design and Development Center, and the University of Texas Center for Sustainable Development.... Read article

From Roving Homeless Encampment to Well-Designed, Permanent Affordable Village: Quixote in Olympia, Washington

by Akua Nyame-Mensah

Since Camp Quixote began in February 2007, as a protest on a city-owned plot of land in downtown Olympia, it has moved from church-to-church across the city - every few months.  In 2010 Camp Quixote began to take ste... Read article

5 Life Lessons Learned From Poor Housing in Low-Income Communities of Richmond, Virginia

by Jamaal Davis

Fair Housing is defined by the government as any housing that is free from discrimination based on race, religion, sex, handicap, status, or national origin. Quality Housing is housing that is safe, sanitary, and accessi... Read article

OT301: Rooted in Amsterdam’s Squatter Movement, Now a Thriving Experiment in Self-Management

by Holly Hixson

Amsterdam, like most cities, has a significant amount of pressure upon its housing market to provide affordable and adequate accommodations to those who need it. This strain is due in part to the mass migration to cities... Read article

Book Review of “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are” by Melody Warnick

by Kelly Hickler

In her 2016 book, “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are,” author Melody Warnick explores if a place can become the right place by our choosing to love it. She presents a list of ten “Love Where You Liv... Read article

Sea-Change Ahead for Boston: Private Property Rights May Be Forfeited

by Alyssa Curran

Boston grew from the sea by way of man-made land. Now, the city is facing a return to the sea by way of man-made emissions. Climate resilience and adaptation are emerging in fields spanning urban planning, architecture, ... Read article

Book Review of “The Well-Tempered City” by Jonathan F.P. Rose

by Colin Poff

Cities of the future will almost certainly play an increasingly central role in solving some of humanity’s most pressing issues. In “The Well-Tempered City,” author Jonathan F.P. Rose states that “the twenty-first centur... Read article

Book Review of “The New Urban Crisis” by Richard Florida

by Karsen Maruca

In "The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class - And What We Can Do about It," author Richard Florida identifies and wrestles with one of the great... Read article

What makes a business ‘sustainable’? Here are two examples of award-winning green businesses in Boston

by Alyssa Curran

Pop Quiz: what is a sustainable business? From the first Earth Day in 1970 to the hundreds of Chief Sustainability Officers appointed in corporations and city governments today, “going green” has incrementally come in... Read article