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Socially Inclusive Mixed-Income Housing Is A Long Way Off For New York City

by Quinn Harding

New York City, New York is infamous for being one of the least affordable cities in the country, reflected directly in the city’s state of housing. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), ... Read article

Orange County, North Carolina Tackling Housing Affordability Challenges

by Rachel Eberhard

Affordable housing was a hot topic in the November 2015 election cycle, with many elected officials addressing the challenge. As a result, Chapel Hill’s three newly elected town council members will be asked to uphol... Read article

Harlem River Houses Serve as Public Housing Model in New York City

by Quinn Harding

Public housing is a major, yet rarely confronted issue in New York City. According to the New York City Housing Authority, over 600,000 people in New York City either live in public housing, or receive subsidies. Since s... Read article

Is the Future of Raleigh’s Transitional Housing in Tiny Homes?

by Rachel Eberhard

  On June 25th, design and planning professionals gathered at AIA North Carolina’s Center for Architecture and Design (CfAD) to listen to a panel of experts discuss opportunities for alleviating homelessness ... Read article

Amiens, France Prioritizes Social Housing Lease-Ownership Program

by Katelyn Hewett

The French government hopes to facilitate the construction of social housing by giving land to local communities and social landlords at a low price. Jean-Christophe Loric, Deputy to the Mayor of Amiens in charge of ... Read article

Inland Empire Housing Affordability is on the Decline as Median House Prices Soar

by Taylor York

The Inland Empire (IE) has long been considered a bedroom community. Every day we sit in the same grueling traffic going toward Los Angeles and Orange County in the morning and then back towards the IE in the afterno... Read article

Two Historic Mill-Worker Housing Developments in Brooklyn, Connecticut

by Dan Malo

Over the course of the 1800's, Louis Comfort Tiffany and Amos Lockwood built a series of mills in East Brooklyn, Connecticut's "Quebec Square" neighborhood. Today, little is left of these mills; much of the complex (... Read article

Fear Mounts in Montreal, Canada as Social Housing Faces Further Cutbacks

by Bora Mici

The defenders of social housing promise loud clashes with the government of Philippe Couillard, among them the establishment of a camp in Montreal's centre-city. The Popular Action Front for Urban Redevelopment (FRAP... Read article

Architects & Communalism Can Solve San Francisco’s Housing Crisis

by Tara Whelan

San Francisco is in a housing crisis!  The skyrocketing housing market is pushing out the people that make the city a diverse and vibrant place with housing rates rising three times faster than the national average. ... Read article

Housing Affordability out of Reach in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

I’ve written about gentrification for The Grid before, but the displacement of low income residents in relation to rising rents, while disconcerting, is actually a piece of a much broader paradigm moving into place all o... Read article

Regent Park Social Housing Revitalization: A Mixed-Use, Mixed-Income Success?

by Lindsay Vanstone

The Regent Park Film Festival in Toronto spurred me to check out the $1 billion, fifteen-year revitalization of the neighborhood and also see some great films produced locally and internationally. Regent Park, notorio... Read article

Self-Made City: Collective Intelligence in Co-housing Projects from Berlin

by Alkisti Eleni Victoratou

In the past, participatory planning used to be regarded as an annoying factor in the already intricate procedures of urban planning. Fortunately, today participation seems to permeate through a variety of city projects. ... Read article

Tract Housing Curbed: One Suburban Neighborhood Embracing Architectural Design

by Lisa Gran

Architectural diversity is something that is often times becoming increasingly more difficult to find within suburban areas. Suburban areas are embracing the concept of tract housing; a sort of ‘one house fits all' in ne... Read article