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U Square Student Development Poised to Open Doors to Public

by Geoff Bliss

The University of Cincinnati campus has grown significantly in recent years - earning national distinction for its campus transformation - achieved through successful visioning and leadership in the last decade. This gro... Read article

The Importance of New Urbanism in Orlando, Florida

by Alex Lenhoff

Florida is a state of dichotomies. Even after a decade of explosive population growth, much of the Sunshine State remains very rural. Coastal cities like Miami are home to the international super-rich, while just blocks ... Read article

Unlocking Value in Miami, Florida

by Jennifer Garcia

Miami 21, meant to encourage walkable development and non car-dependent lifestyles, brings new idea testing to places like Midtown Miami. As the economy recovers, this form-based zoning code creates redevelopment oppo... Read article

Making a Place for Artists in New Orleans

by Jessica Yoon

A problem often seen in up and coming neighborhoods is that the very artists who help spark great communities are priced out when the area takes off. In a city that is known to the world for its art and music, New Or... Read article

Wheels of Progress Website Critique

by Aascot Holt

Wheels of Progress, a 501(C)3 organization, has a simple mission “to create affordable, accessible, supportive housing and transformative environments for people with physical disabilities.” One may not have guessed ... Read article

Municipal Bankruptcy: How Mammoth Lakes, CA is Struggling to Provide Essential Services During Default

by Patricia Robertson

Chapter 9 is the section of the National Bankruptcy Code that provides for the reorganization of debt incurred by municipalities such as cities, towns, counties, and villages. The very first municipal bankruptcy was file... Read article

The Automobile: The Real Cost of Subsidizations

by Jeff Jilek

The stereoypical American Dream has several different facets: a detached suburban home, white picket fence, a car, a dog, et cetera. A car is a very important piece of the puzzle and the major contributor to rush hour tr... Read article

Historic Districts: Exclusiveness, Gentrification, and Unaffordability

by Daniel Sheehan

For much of recent history, Historic Districts are a much-heralded addition to any city. Some of these more notable areas include the historic districts of Greenwich Village (New York City), The Savannah Historic Dist... Read article