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Is Suburban the Answer?: Jobs / Housing Balance in Inland Empire, California

by Taylor York

Take a close look at an aerial map of Riverside County from a couple of years ago, and you will notice some strange crop-circle-like formations. These weren’t created by extraterrestrial life, but are in fact stall... Read article

Community Space to Cultural Space: Latino Urbanism and the Transformation of the Built Environment

by Ellen Schwaller

As described by James Rojas, Latino Urbanism, found in many first and second-generation immigrant communities throughout the United States, can be defined by both the social and built characteristics of a neighborhood,... Read article

Treat Job Hunting Like Dating: APA 2012 Resume Session

by Akua Nyame-Mensah

The American Planning Association (APA) 2012 National Conference: “Reinvent, Reinvigorate, Reimagine” in Los Angeles, CA provided opportunities for job seekers to “ReIMAGINE [their] Career(s).”  The first of a series o... Read article

Cities Around the World Find Energy at Home: From Sun to Sewage

by Pamela Abee-Taulli

Ever stood in the middle of a big city and thought What a lot of energy! You’re right. Any thriving metropolis is teeming with energy – sun beating down; feet and cars bearing down; offal and detritus decomposing; and of... Read article