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Farewell to Global Site Plans and The GRID, from Yosef Robinson

by Yosef Robinson

It has been a wonderful experience writing various blogs pertaining to urban planning issues in the Montreal, Canada area, as well as learning the advantages of professional logo design.  After six months, it is with muc... Read article

Is Whole House Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) Really a Passive Building Approach?

by Laura Paterson

Modern house design typically follows the mantra “build tight-ventilate right” with low air infiltration and high thermal performance.  Efficiency is what we should be striving for, but what does this mean for indoor air... Read article

Achievable Sustainable Water Standards

by Daniel Sheehan

The most vital resource to the survival and success of any city is contingent upon easy access to clean water. Clean water allows people to live in compact areas and still enjoy high levels of health and sanitation. W... Read article

How To Redevelop American Cities: Ideas from Garden City Theory

by Jeff Jilek

The following is a critique on the design of the American city. The proposal is not an end in itself but rather a type of skeleton to allow the rest of society to grow upon. It draws some ideas from Garden City theory in... Read article

Urban Ecotourism: An Environmentally Friendly Way to Vacation

by Daniel Sheehan

A relatively new and growing sector in the tourism industry is the concept of urban ecotourism. Until recently, ecotourism occurred exclusively in environmentally pristine and relatively untouched landscapes, such as tho... Read article

Urban Planning and Public Health: Back Together Again

by Ryan Champlin

Urban planning is a field of study and practice that casts a wide net into a variety of related disciplines. Social and Fiscal Policy; Food Production (which I will discuss in a future post); Environmental Conser... Read article