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Tenement Fishing in Istanbul and New York City, Fact or Fiction?

by Jordan Meerdink

Less about urban planning and more about the  forgotten interstitial margins created by architecture, this article links scattered reports about fishing in basements beneath New York City with the cisterns of Istanbul, t... Read article

IntelliStreets: Lighting the Way for Sustainable Cities

by Alexandria Huff

Fall 2011, independently organized TEDxDetroit assembled an impressive line-up of Michigan entrepreneurs to share their Big Ideas with Detroit’s active social network.  The focus of the day was sustainability: responsi... Read article

Proposed Greenway to Change Landscape in Downtown Tampa, Florida

by Sarah Thomas

The Leeroy Selmon Crosstown Expressway is a tolled road that connects the South Tampa neighborhoods with unincorporated Hillsborough County. It is a major transportation artery that cuts directly through Downtown Tampa, ... Read article

3 Drivers for Energy and Environmental Reforms in the United Kingdom

by Ubaid Khan

Sustainablewaste management, climate change, and renewable energy are three significant issues becoming increasingly important worldwide, especially in Europe. Incidents of spills, land & water contamination, biodive... Read article

Meadows Replacing American Lawns

by Paul Drummond

A growing trend in the United States, advocated by landscape architects, is the transition of many well-manicured lawns, to ecologically functioning meadows. The transition is spurred by a growing advocacy for stormwater... Read article

The New Green Streets of Edmonston, Maryland: A Local Initiative

by Paul Drummond

Many communities across Maryland do not think of sustainable improvements when it comes time to make road improvements. But the town of Edmonston saw the road’s expiration date as a time to put a new lease on the roadway... Read article

How You Can Live Without Paying a Utility Bill

by Jeff Jilek

The average monthly residential utility bill in America is $104.52. Per year, this is $1,254.24 per residence. For the country (approx. 125 million), this adds up to $156,780,000,000. This is the amount that could be sav... Read article

Placemaking: How America Has Lost its Notion of “Place”

by Ryan Champlin

What makes a place?  And why is it important?  I have been thinking about these two questions quite a bit lately.  They are probably deeper questions than any of us realize; partly because the questions seem so simple, b... Read article

How To Redevelop American Cities: Ideas from Garden City Theory

by Jeff Jilek

The following is a critique on the design of the American city. The proposal is not an end in itself but rather a type of skeleton to allow the rest of society to grow upon. It draws some ideas from Garden City theory in... Read article

Cheap Gas, Sprawl, and No Streetcars in the United States: Do These Dots Connect?

by Pamela Abee-Taulli

In Europe, cities are dense and compact, public transportation is plentiful and convenient, and gasoline prices are high. In the United States, cities sprawl, public transit is, on average, difficult to come by, and gas ... Read article

Floating Wetlands in the City of Baltimore: Reusing Materials and Reestablishing Ecosystems in the Inner Harbor

by Paul Drummond

With an increased awareness of our waterway’s health, the City of Baltimore has taken the lead in setting a local example on how to reestablish the vital ecosystems that once dominated the city’s Inner Harbor. Wetlands o... Read article

Charcoal Press Design in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Safety for Women and Environmental Conservation

by Jordan Meerdink

Environmental concerns come secondary to human needs in war ravaged countries. However, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo a new project is being developed that marries social action with environmental conservation ... Read article

Urban Ecotourism: An Environmentally Friendly Way to Vacation

by Daniel Sheehan

A relatively new and growing sector in the tourism industry is the concept of urban ecotourism. Until recently, ecotourism occurred exclusively in environmentally pristine and relatively untouched landscapes, such as tho... Read article