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The Outlook for Middle America: Planning for Declining Cities of the Midwest

by Jasna Hadzic

What once was an economically thriving steel, automobile, and manufactured parts region of the twentieth century, the modern Midwest landscape depicts a contrasting existence of abandoned factories, boarded up buildings,... Read article

Lincoln, Nebraska’s 2015Vision: A Lesson in Networking Propelling Vision To Action

by Lisa Gran

The propulsion of urban planning is vital this day in age. Innovation and ideas must be at constant work and implementation, in order to create a positive vision. Within the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, the group 2015Visio... Read article

How Bout Them Apples? Chicago Rarities Orchard Project Claims Public Space for Heirloom Produce

by Andrew Kinaci

Ever wonder why the supermarket only carries four types of apples? With the proliferation of commercial-scale agriculture, hundreds of unique fruit and vegetable varietals were lost, spurned in favor of heartier and easi... Read article

Walkability in the No. 1 City for Biotechnology

by Evan Comen

In the conventional city fabric, the two attributes walkability and biotechnology are seemingly contradictory. This, of course, is not without good reason; the large research complexes fundamental to technological innova... Read article

Working with the Tide: Amsterdam’s Battle Against Rising Sea Levels

by Ellen Schwaller

While the Netherlands boasts some of the greenest urban environments, it is important to remember the local relationship between then landscape and its inhabitants over the past 2,000 years. For generations upon gene... Read article

Phase I Collaboration begins on Detroit, Michigan’s Bloody Run Creek

by Alexandria Huff

Daylighting Detroit, Michigan’s Bloody Run Creek will be no small feat, but it’s a project that truly embodies a new and sustainable direction for the city. St. Louis developer, Richard Baron, has been pitching redevel... Read article

5 Answers to Common Wind Farm Questions

by Miriam Ansorena

A wind farm is a collection of wind turbines placed one next to another. As it was explained in the blog entitled 'An Introduction to Wind Turbines: Rotation Axis, Power, Rotors, and Towers,' they are used to generate el... Read article

Vertical Farming in Los Angeles, California: Future Skyscraping Architecture

by Benjamin Ha

The sky is limitless, they say. So if there’s no space to your left, or to your right, or below, then look up! Land, limited in the City of Los Angeles, is slowly becoming a commodity. And as new land becomes occupied... Read article

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute: A Look Into Our Sustainable Future

by Jordan Meerdink

Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute (PMI) should spark the interest of  Global Site Plans readers interested in all aspects of sustainable living. Essentially, PMI operates as a working  laboratory where new theories and ide... Read article

Preserving Agricultural Land on Montreal Island, Canada

by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island, the core of Greater Montreal, used to be mostly covered by agricultural areas (including some of Quebec’s best farmland), but as the city expanded and its population grew further, agriculture got eve... Read article

Achievable Sustainable Water Standards

by Daniel Sheehan

The most vital resource to the survival and success of any city is contingent upon easy access to clean water. Clean water allows people to live in compact areas and still enjoy high levels of health and sanitation. W... Read article