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Great Lakes Water Quality & Access Threatens 30 Million North Americans

by Meg Mulhall

Michigan, being the Great Lakes State, gets a lot of attention in the national political and environmental frontier as concerns about climate change and access to fresh water begin to surface in conversations. As the l... Read article

Oak to Ninth?: New Brooklyn Basin Construction Underway on Oakland’s Waterfront

by Gina Kiani

Over a decade after the conceptualization of the Oak to Ninth project, the stalled venture newly named Brooklyn Basin, is once again underway on Oakland's waterfront, South-East of Laney College. The infill redevelopment... Read article

New Orleans, Louisiana: 9 Years Later, Storm Water Infrastructure Lacks

by Allyson McAbee

Nine years ago, New Orleans’ history changed physically, socially, and economically due to the massive flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. The city has made efforts to rebuild, reunite, and make changes for the better.... Read article

San Francisco’s Waterfront in Search of a New Look

by Rob Poole

San Francisco has been the beneficiary—some might say victim-- of an impressive construction boom during the past 18 months. Cranes can be seen going to work in several neighborhoods around the city, both in the heart of... Read article

Chicago’s Polluted and Under-used Waterways

by Andrew Kinaci

The South Branch of the Chicago River Chicago’s relationship with its river is a conflicted one. Chicago was only chosen as a settlement site due to the possibility of joining two major watersheds, that of the Great L... Read article

Integrated Regional Water Management in the Sierra: Why it Matters

by Alex Riemondy

Planning for the future of our water supply has never been more critical. As we continue to face the challenges that lie ahead that contribute to water scarcity, such as climate change and over population, it becomes mor... Read article

Seattle’s Floating Homes: Expanding the Built Environment on the Water

by Amanda Bosse

Are floating home communities a new urban design strategy to expand the built environment past the shoreline? Unlike a houseboat, floating homes have no propulsion power, but are built with a buoyant platform (or raft)... Read article

How Water Trails Benefit Communities Across the United States

by Alex Riemondy

Water trails are defined by the North American Water Trails, as “a stretch of river, a shoreline, or an ocean that has been mapped out with the intent to create an educational, scenic, and challenging experience for r... Read article

New Stadium Raises Questions for San Francisco’s Waterfront

by Steven Chang

For San Franciscans, the imminent departure of the 49ers (a National Football League team founded in San Francisco in 1946) to Santa Clara, California this year is an enormous disappointment. In addition to enjoying a st... Read article

Seattle’s New Front Porch: The Redevelopment of the Waterfront

by Amanda Bosse

Historically, port cities located their industrial zones near the waterfront for the convenience of transporting goods. Often times, highways or railroads were later constructed near the industrial waterfront. But as c... Read article

Waterfront Development in Shanghai: The Bund

by Sophie Plottel

For many urbanites, putting up with occasional construction is accepted as an unfortunate aspect of city living. In a rapidly developing city like Shanghai, however, it never stops. The construction of an ambitious r... Read article

Harvesting of Rainwater in the U.K.: Storm Water Management

by Finbar Gillen

The UK is a rich western country with a population of 60 million. Average water use is 150 litres per person per day (55m3 per person per year). Although the perception (not least by its inhabitants) is that the UK is a ... Read article

Opportunities in Planning for Sustainable Energy and Water Use

by Renée Elaine Sazci

Globally, energy and water use are in a highly interdependent power play. When we grapple for solutions for one issue, it can often offset benefits for the other. There are several opportunities that, internationally, we... Read article