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Los Angeles, California Announces New Plans in Anticipation of “The Big One”

by Victor Tran

In a large metropolitan region like Los Angeles County, California, preparing for disasters, both natural and man-made, is a huge governmental concern. With a population of just over 10 million people, Los Angeles Co... Read article

Placemaking Opportunities from The Los Angeles River’s Revitalization

by Victor Tran

In response to a pair of deadly floods in the late 1930’s, the US Army Corps of Engineers were called in to control the Los Angeles River. In doing so, most of the river was encased in concrete – it wasn’t until roug... Read article

Three Developments Respond to Chronic Homelessness in Los Angeles, California

by Victor Tran

The issue of homelessness has largely been ignored in Los Angeles. Tactics such as criminalizing and physically displacing homeless individuals have been the methods of choice. With the combined effects of a growing ... Read article

Gentrification and Dislocation of Los Angeles’ Urban Poor Leading to Homelessness

by Victor Tran

Known for being a city of extremes, Los Angeles has an extremely high homeless population. In 2013, it was estimated that 54,000 individuals were homeless within Los Angeles County. Government officials are still unc... Read article

New Urban Agriculture Regulations Sprouting in Los Angeles, California

by Victor Tran

Personally inspired by the documentary “Plant This Movie,” as well as the many other urban farming short films shown at the New Urbanism Film Festival, it appears that urban agriculture is in full swing in Los Angeles. I... Read article

LA2050 Spurs Conversations for a Better Los Angeles, California

by Victor Tran

As a newcomer to Los Angeles, I am beginning to see that people here are hungry for change. Initiatives that exist to better L.A. are numerous, most falling within the realm of the non-profit. The scope of these init... Read article

Vertical Farming in Los Angeles, California: Future Skyscraping Architecture

by Benjamin Ha

The sky is limitless, they say. So if there’s no space to your left, or to your right, or below, then look up! Land, limited in the City of Los Angeles, is slowly becoming a commodity. And as new land becomes occupied... Read article

City of Los Angeles, California Files Lawsuit for Ownership of Mammoth Creek

by Patricia Robertson

Water is an important resource and all too often it is taken for granted. We all expect water to be there when we need to do the dishes, take a shower, or rinse our food. While a renewable resource, only 3% of the worl... Read article

Los Angeles Street Vendor Economy: “Latino Urbanism”

by Nidia Erceg

Pring..pringgg…little bells and the yodeling of Tamaleeeees! is heard on Los Angeles’ Ceaser Chavez Boulevard. Street vendors fill the air with the smell of bacon wrapped hot dogs, their whistles and antojitos (treats )t... Read article

Car-Centric Architecture and a Vision for Los Angeles

by Nidia Erceg

In a previous post one of our other bloggers, Jessica, wrote about the excitement of CicLAvia, “I believe if cities adopted a building style that considered cyclists, instead of being optimized for cars, this “Bikitec... Read article

Los Angeles Approved Low Impact Development (LID) Ordinance

by Nidia Erceg

After over a year, the LID (Low Impact Development) Ordinance has finally made it past the Los Angeles Board of Public Works.  On January 15th, the Board unanimously approved a draft LID ordinance requiring that rainfall... Read article

Top 20 Active and Alternative Transportation Websites of 2018

by Sarah Essbai

May, National Bike Month, is over. To extend the momentum, we are releasing the second edition of our top 20 of the most visited active and alternative transportation websites according to Alexa Analytics scores. This ra... Read article

Book Review of “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are” by Melody Warnick

by Kelly Hickler

In her 2016 book, “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are,” author Melody Warnick explores if a place can become the right place by our choosing to love it. She presents a list of ten “Love Where You Liv... Read article