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From the Mountains to the Sea: Greenway Expansion in the Research Triangle

by Evan Comen

It is May 28th, 1953, and Sir Edmund Hillary becomes the first man to reach Mount Everest’s peak. It is July 21st, 1969, and Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to traverse the moon’s surface. It is September 3rd, 2012,... Read article

Reichstag Exemplifies Germany’s Energy Transition Commitment

by Brittany Garcia

Germany has been in the vanguard of going green. It has implemented a myriad of environmental policies, such as the Climate Action Plan 2050 to ensure a greener tomorrow. The plan’s objective is to eliminate nuclear ener... Read article

Two Local Water Solutions from Boston on World Water Day

by Alyssa Curran

“How can we reduce floods, droughts and water pollution?” The United Nations’ World Water Day works to create awareness on the importance of water. Held on March 22nd each year, the United Nations (UN) selects a theme to... Read article

Local Businesses Clash with the City of Portland Over Major Thoroughfare’s Road Diet

by Kevin Gooley

Shifting away from car-centric road development may have major support from planners, academics, social scientists and liberal think-tanks, but the transformation of a major Portland, Oregon road has brought out a so... Read article

Thủ Thiêm Wetland of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Become Central Business District

by Joey Donovan

How big is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? Any newcomer to this sprawling conurbation would be forgiven for thinking it infinite, especially if they find themselves in the labyrinthine, haphazard sprawl of its periphery. ... Read article

Grants to Aid Baltimore’s Inner Harbor Goal: Swimmable & Fishable by 2020

by Jade Clayton

As a major port city, Baltimore’s history with industrial activity influenced how the city’s land has been zoned and developed over time. The resulting design, infrastructure, and zoning of Baltimore’s neighborhoods has ... Read article

The Revitilization of Fitzgerald Park in Cork, Ireland & The Value of Open Space

by Olivia Dolan

"There has been mixed opinions about greening buildings here and the support is very different to that in the UK" says Bernie Connolly, Boomerang Mattress Scheme Co-ordinator, "even though these are very valuable in ... Read article

Farewell to The Grid, from Lynn Coppedge in Phoenix, Arizona

by Lynn Coppedge

From libraries to light rail, my experience writing for The Grid has allowed me to explore and share exciting urban initiatives in Phoenix, Arizona. The desert city faces a number of sustainability challenges and it has ... Read article

Preparing for the Worst: Resilience in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

A recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights the fact that the effects of climate change are already transpiring, and that cities will need to adapt to these changes. As a city with ... Read article

Water Continues to Define Washington D.C.

by Chase Keenan

Water is one of the necessary conditions of life on this planet. That simple fact, along with the important trade routes moving water provides, is why the first human settlements were built along rivers and coasts. It ... Read article

Reimagine Phoenix: Boosting the Economy with Trash

by Lynn Coppedge

Phoenicians have been searching high and low for a new identity to give to their sprawling Bird on Fire, branded by Andrew Ross in 2011 as the “World’s Least Sustainable City.” Last year, the City of Phoenix, Arizona Sta... Read article

California’s Environmental Goals and Policy Report Finally Released

by Gina Kiani

Since resuming Governor of California, the Environmental Goals and Policy Report (EGPR) was released under Jerry Brown thirty years behind schedule. The Governor’s Office of Planning & Research typically releases the... Read article

Putting Nature to Work in Oakland California

by Gina Kiani

Awarded the Proposition 84 Urban Greening Grant, Urban Biofilter has launched the Adapt Oakland planning initiative to clean up the city with the power of nature. Past projects deployed by Urban Biofilter include collabo... Read article