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Rising Sea Levels: Designing A Future To Save San Francisco

by Lauren Golightly

Surrounded by water, San Francisco sits as a sacrificial offering, waiting to be swallowed by the Pacific Ocean. The year is 2072 and San Francisco is an island. Downtown has been erased and gentrification in the Mis... Read article

Four Years After Paris, France’s Fréquel-Fontarabie Eco-Neighborhood Opening

by Katelyn Hewett

Four years after its opening, and one year after being labelled an “eco-neighborhood,” what has become of the Fréquel-Fontarabie housing block, located in Paris’s 20th district? Has it been able to fulfill its energy... Read article

Mumbai, India to Receive Water from Potentially Disastrous River Inter-Linking Project

by Auditiyo Das Gupta

Some of the largest cities in India, including Mumbai, are now slated to receive water from a very controversial river inter-linking project. Slated at $130 billion, the mega-project aims to divert portions of India’... Read article

The Fleet of the Future: BART’s Improved Design for the San Francisco Bay Area

by Lauren Golightly

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is getting a much needed remodel after 40 years of service. The typical Bay Area commuter’s relationship with BART has always been strained. A typical BART ride, much like that on any bi... Read article

Improving Upon the Unfinished Quinebaug River Trail in Danielson, Connecticut

by Dan Malo

The Quinebaug River Trail* in the Danielson borough of Killingly, Connecticut is a well-maintained, 9ft. wide asphalt bike path that mostly parallels the Quinebaug River. It extends southward for approximately five m... Read article

Inland Empire, California Region Struggles to Rebrand its Poor Public Image

by Taylor York

Businesses, cities, and even sports teams sometimes change their names to better identify with or separate themselves from a certain image or community.  A name can carry with it a strong impression of community iden... Read article

In Kenya, Nairobi National Park Faces Development Encroachment

by Constant Cap

Nairobi National Park consists of 117 km2 (approximately 45 square miles) of wild flora and fauna within the city boundaries. Established in 1947, it has over a hundred mammal species including lions, leopards, hyenas an... Read article

Park Director Says Main Source of Brazil’s São Francisco River Is Dry

by Nora Lamm

The São Francisco basin covers five states in Brazil and experts say the biodiversity of the region is under threat. The director of the Serra da Canastra National Park, Arthur Luiz Castanheira, said in an interview w... Read article

Environmentalist Hopes to Bring Eco-Tourism to Touques River in Northern France

by Katelyn Hewett

A meeting with Emmanuel Schmitt, a 23-year old naturalist from Deauville, reveals a passion for the biodiversity of the marshes of the Touques River as well as that of the Côte Fleurie. He hopes to develop a type of loca... Read article

Natura 2000 Designations Constrain Development in Galway, Ireland

by Alan Bannon

Natura 2000 sites were established to protect the 220 habitats and approximately 1,000 species throughout Europe. The Natura 2000 sites came into being with the European Union’s habitats directive, Directive on the Conse... Read article

Green Buildings Sprouting Up in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

Green buildings are at times defined as buildings that are “not as bad” or “notably better” than the average with regard to impact on the environment. More technically,  a green building is one whose construction and lif... Read article

The Link Between Education and Sustainable Living in Brazil

by Nora Lamm

The debate about the sustainability of our activities on the planet can no longer exclude education. The undeniable fact is that we are in a situation of environmental and social alarm because the teaching methods used i... Read article

How Canada Failed to Build a Beautiful Capital: An Ottawa Retrospective

by Nour Aoude

I have yet to visit a city that manages, in equal parts, to be as grand and mediocre as Ottawa. Your first glimpse of Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital city is bound to take your breath away. So may the pathways lining... Read article