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Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway Streetcar to Push Out Pedestrians

by Abbey Seitz

In terms of multi-level cities, Minneapolis has always been known as the city with miles of skyways. However, over the past decade Minneapolis has gained recognition for another level being conquered: the level below the... Read article

Where Landscape Architects Go: The Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

by Rob Poole

On August 28, 2012 we released the Top 20 International Landscape Architecture Websites 2012. Now, the time has come to create a new list for 2013.  This year’s Top 20 lists for urban planning and architecture were relea... Read article

Where Architects Go: The Top 10 Architecture Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

by Rob Poole

Last year we scoured the web to uncover the Top 20 International Architecture Websites 2012. After a thorough search, and with the help of Alexa International Rankings, we found the most popular sites used by both profes... Read article

The Indispensable Greenery of Astana, Kazakhstan

by Sunny Menozzi

Astana, Kazakhstan. Astana's extensive greenery contrasts sharply with its backdrop, the Kazakh steppe, an expansive plain characterized by whipping winds and extreme seasonal temperature fluctuations. In the winter, tem... Read article

Green Cities are Successful Cities: From Piazzas to Pocket Parks

by Maxwell Vidaver

It is no secret that successful cities are also green cities. By green, we are referring to the physical “greenprint,” or the physical green infrastructure of the city. This includes tree-lined boulevards, large regional... Read article

Green Schoolyards and Their Effect on Education: Thessaloniki, Greece

by Dafni Dimitriadi

It is really disappointing that every time we think of schools, a rigid, concrete structure comes to mind. Even in kindergarten, some of us remember playing inside the building, rather than enjoying a large green play... Read article

Oahu, Hawaii’s Green Buffers: For Private Interest or the Public Good?

by Sunny Menozzi

High-income residential and resort communities line Oahu's most beautiful beaches: Along the North Shore; Near Kailua and Lanikai Beaches (where President Obama and his family vacationed this winter); Near Waial... Read article

Lack of Green Spaces? Pocket Parks are the Solution

by Dafni Dimitriadi

When one thinks of a park, one usually imagines a large plot full of trees in the centre of the city with routes for walking or jogging, and shaded sitting areas where people can enjoy the fresh breeze during the hot sum... Read article

Greening the Post-Disaster Response: The Sunshower House in New Orleans, Louisiana

by Jessica Yoon

In the wake of a disaster, cities and residents are challenged with rebuilding infrastructure, homes, and lives on a pressing timetable. Homes that recoup from one destructive event may be fated to withstand disaster... Read article

Establishing Connectivity, Sustainability, and Energy with Landscape Architecture: The Revitalization of Waller Creek in Austin, TX

by Bonnie Rodd

“There is the opportunity to imagine a different Waller Creek, one that is a vital component of urban infrastructure, an open stage for social interaction, and a restored source of natural beauty.” Waller Creek is... Read article

Is There Enough Green Space for Everyone? What About Athens, Greece?

by Athina Kyrgeorgiou

Is it possible for people to connect with nature while living in urban environments? Especially in big cities with poor access green spaces? Here are a few examples of percentages of green space per resident, in a... Read article

10 Twitter #Chats to Follow in Architecture

by Jamaal Davis

In today’s technological society, Twitter has become a great way for professionals in architecture, landscape design, and urban planning to frequently communicate. As a result, more and more professionals today are using... Read article

Responsive Architecture In Tacoma, Washington’s Center for Urban Waters: Buildings That Adapt To Environmental Conditions

by Kennith George

Tacoma, Washington is no stranger to LEED Platinum government buildings, but how about going a step further and creating one that actually has the capacity to react to its environmental conditions and alter itself in ord... Read article