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Assessing the Damage: Preserving Detroit, Michigan’s Historical Places

by Alexandria Huff

Many agree, Detroit, Michigan requires restructuring, on a physical and political level, but the process is still unclear. From the Art Deco and Neo-Renaissance buildings of downtown, to the Tudors, Victorians, and B... Read article

Detroit, Michigan International RiverWalk: Vision and Collaboration Make It A Reality

by Alexandria Huff

World-class entertainment, respected athletic teams, a prominent automotive headquarters, and a celebrated arts and cultural district set along an international waterway – Detroit, Michigan has always been a great ev... Read article

Detroit, Michigan: The Non-Motorized City?

by Alexandria Huff

Frequently cited as an indicator of an emerging economy, bicycles are becoming the symbol of sustainable and productive communities. From Copenhagen, Denmark, to Portland, Oregon, bicyclists represent a considerabl... Read article

Urban Farms Changing the Detroit, Michigan Landscape

by Alexandria Huff

Shrinking cities, such as Detroit, Michigan, present challenging obstacles for urban planners, city council members, and residents, because they do not shrink uniformly from the perimeter inward. Instead, we are left w... Read article

Book Review of “The New Urban Crisis” by Richard Florida

by Karsen Maruca

In "The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class - And What We Can Do about It," author Richard Florida identifies and wrestles with one of the great... Read article

The Global Grid’s Holiday Book List – 2017/2018 Winter Edition

by Sarah Essbai

Holidays are for family, friends, good food, getaways and postponed reading in our favorite nooks. At The Global Grid, the holidays have always been the occasion to review and update our books-to-read (or re-read) list. ... Read article

Written Word, Rap & Film: Storytelling Takes Stage at SF Urban Film Fest

by Rosabella Alvarez-Calderón

When asked to describe your city to a curious stranger, what stories would you tell? Nearly sixty years ago, Jane Jacobs wrote an extraordinary book called “The Death and Life of Great American Cities.” The book c... Read article

Minneapolis, Minnesota Stagnates at Its 1972 Height, Without Restrictions

by Wyatt Prosch

Cities are defined by their skylines. A picturesque view of a beautiful downtown forest of skyscrapers can be an incredibly sublime and beautiful sight. People seem to be enamored by buildings that soar high above th... Read article

Open Data & Government Pulling Pittsburgh into the 21st Century

by Michael Pellas

What do you think of when you hear about Pittsburgh? A sky filled with smoke and soot? A huge steel plant? Or do you think of the Steelers playing at Heinz Field? What about an economic juggernaut that had a par... Read article

Horrible Historic Preservation in 3 Easy Steps

by Rosabella Alvarez-Calderón

Historic preservation has come a long way from the protesters in front of the old Penn Station in New York, and today it also focuses on issues such as placemaking and the revitalization of neglected buildings and neighb... Read article

Farewell to The Grid, from Meg Mulhall

by Meg Mulhall

My first post for Global Site Plans was published in January. I was eager to write for The Grid, and treated it as an opportunity to explore the urban planning issues and interface with those involved in Ann Arbor and ... Read article

Ann Arbor, Michigan Sees Candidates from New “Mixed Use Party”

by Meg Mulhall

I’ve been following Detroit’s upcoming mayoral election and the controversy surrounding the imposition of the Emergency Financial Manager, here on Global Site Plans, but forty miles to the west, Ann Arbor is experiencing... Read article

The State of Transit in Southeast Michigan

by Meg Mulhall

Transit has been a topic of interest in 2013 Detroit. With the M1 Woodward Avenue rail project given the go-ahead and news of the expansion of Interstates 94 and 75, organizations and movements like the Detroit People’... Read article