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Rhode Island Park Design Favors Functionality (and Food) with New Edible Forest

by Lily Mathews

It’s July 2012, and new saplings and shrubs at Roger Williams Park hover around three feet tall. But in five years, the site will sprout tubers and leafy greens – even offering medicinal herbs free of charge to visit... Read article

Growing Food, Growing Power: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Urban Farmer Tours the Northeast

by Lily Mathews

The podium microphone could not quite reach Will Allen, standing six-and-a-half feet tall and in front of a sold-out lecture hall in Providence, Rhode Island. Allen, a former professional basketball player and MacArt... Read article

FarmHack Descends on Providence, Rhode Island: Agriculture Meets Design

by Lily Mathews

In Providence, Rhode Island, farmers huddled up alongside students, scribbling on Post-it notes, and throwing around phrases. Efficiency. Integrated design. Awareness. The event was FarmHack, a collaborative desig... Read article

Urban Farming: Eagle Street Rooftop and Added Value Farms in Brooklyn, New York

by Christine Camilleri

A number of non-profit and community-based organizations have been exploring New York City’s potential to be a center for urban agriculture. Added Value and the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, New York have be... Read article

Exceptional Landscape Architecture Business Card Designs

by Jeff Jilek

Who wouldn’t want a landscape architect to give them a business card full of seeds? Lush gives their clients free seeds with every business card! In this way, the card serves multiple purposes. One is branding, and anoth... Read article

Urban Farms Changing the Detroit, Michigan Landscape

by Alexandria Huff

Shrinking cities, such as Detroit, Michigan, present challenging obstacles for urban planners, city council members, and residents, because they do not shrink uniformly from the perimeter inward. Instead, we are left w... Read article

How Urban Planners Can Assist in Creating a New Food System

by Nidia Erceg

Food is always on the minds of Americans - and urban planners. Here is how urban planning plays a key role in helping create local community-based food systems through urban design: They use  traditional tools su... Read article

Book Review of “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are” by Melody Warnick

by Kelly Hickler

In her 2016 book, “This is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are,” author Melody Warnick explores if a place can become the right place by our choosing to love it. She presents a list of ten “Love Where You Liv... Read article

Green Roofs: A Sustainability Voucher for Cities? #TheGlobalGrid Chat Recap

by Sarah Essbai

April’s #TheGlobalGrid Twitter chat was dedicated to green roofs, a special sustainable building feature gaining popularity in cities around the world. During our chat, we asked if green roofs benefit more than the build... Read article

Mange-Trottoir Vegetable Planters Reclaim Public Space in Montreal, Canada

by Iva Boishin

Community developments that aim to reclaim public spaces for urban agriculture are becoming more numerous in Montreal, Canada. The projects selected from the latest edition of the Transform Your City program from the... Read article

Welcome to Milan’s World Fair 2015: Big Expectations and First Impressions

by Alexandra Serbana

Milan's Expo 2015 has been put under a lot of pressure over the course of the past few months. From the big question of whether or not it would be completed on time, to the protest that devastated the city of Milan, ... Read article

Farewell to The Grid from Victor Tran in Los Angeles, California

by Victor Tran

When I first started my internship with The Grid, I had just moved to Los Angeles. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really know what to expect. I saw Los Angeles as an opportunity to experience living in a major Ameri... Read article

University of Connecticut’s Depot Campus: UConn’s Future Gateway

by Dan Malo

A correctional facility, a mental institution, and a school for the mentally challenged. Sounds like college, right? Surprisingly enough, buildings on the University of Connecticut’s Depot Campus used to be home t... Read article