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Vision Zero Project: Rethinking “Safe” Pedestrian Infrastructure in San Francisco

by Lauren Golightly

Walking through downtown San Francisco can have an appeal similar to a game of Russian roulette. But in this game of chance, the bullets are one to two ton cars. Within half an hour, I had the unfortunate privilege of wi... Read article

The Role of Beauty in Infrastructure: Kazakhstan’s Almaty Metro Inspires

by Sunny Menozzi

I recently rode the Almaty Metro, in Kazakhstan, at present a single-line subway that opened in 2011 after being under construction since the late days of the Soviet Union. Exiting at Almaly station, I was captivated by ... Read article

Princeton Review’s Guide to Green Colleges Spurs Sustainable Higher Education

by Christine Cepelak

The Princeton Review has added another tool in it’s arsenal for higher education applicants: a guide to environmentally-friendly schools. On the list of the ‘Guide to 322 Green Colleges,’ is a school in the Dallas-Ft. Wo... Read article

Bringing the Bicycle to Your City: #TheGrid Discusses the Implementation of Bike-Friendly Infrastructure in Urban Cores

by Rob Poole

Do you ride your bike in the city? If you answered yes, you probably live somewhere where you feel safe commuting. If you answered no, chances are the idea of being on a bike surrounded by cars sounds dangerous. Urban ... Read article

Greening Lower Grand Avenue: Community Visioning Gone Right

by Lynn Coppedge

In a city infamous for auto-oriented development, muddled identity, and isolated suburbs, one neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona has epitomized what it means to spark community revitalization. Lower Grand Avenue is a mile-... Read article

Cardinal Greenways: Biking on Muncie’s Rail-Trails

by Sarah Essbai

Biking has been mainly promoted in the past ten years as a healthy transportation alternative in major American metropolitan cities. In smaller communities though, biking remains mainly recreational. In addition to the h... Read article

Green Cities are Successful Cities: From Piazzas to Pocket Parks

by Maxwell Vidaver

It is no secret that successful cities are also green cities. By green, we are referring to the physical “greenprint,” or the physical green infrastructure of the city. This includes tree-lined boulevards, large regional... Read article

Green Parks Are More Than Green Recreation

by Maxwell Vidaver

Besides infrastructure and built urban form, one of the most important aspects for cities is its physical green space. Nature can be aesthetic or functional, but it always serves the same purpose: to remind us that... Read article

Will Evergreen Mean Forever Green for Metro Vancouver? Transit Accessibility in British Columbia’s Largest Urban Centre

by Courtney McLaughlin

Vancouver, British Columbia consistently ranks as one of the "most livable" cities in the world. However, what is frequently ignored about Canada’s most livable city are the multiple suburb municipalities that surround i... Read article

Greening the Post-Disaster Response: The Sunshower House in New Orleans, Louisiana

by Jessica Yoon

In the wake of a disaster, cities and residents are challenged with rebuilding infrastructure, homes, and lives on a pressing timetable. Homes that recoup from one destructive event may be fated to withstand disaster... Read article

Containing Medellin: The Development of the First Urban Green Belt in Colombia

by Steven Petsinis

Whenever flying into developing Latin American cities, one cannot help but notice the characteristics of the peripheries of the city. The city may be fringed by informal dwellings where evidence of infrastructure trails ... Read article

Imagining a More Sustainable City: Completing our Streets to Create Environmentally Conscious Infrastructure

by Bonnie Rodd

Planners, citizens, and the governing body alike, look to the guidance of the newly adopted Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan to ensure that Austin, Texas grows in an economic, social, and environmentally sustainable man... Read article

Infrastructure Projects Big and Small Make Cycling Safer in Kelowna, Canada

by Jordan Rockerbie

For a city of nearly 180,000, Kelowna, Canada boasts one of the most extensive bike networks in the country. Spread across the city are over 300 kilometres of bike lanes, multi-use paths, and greenways. Infrastructure pr... Read article