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Wildlife Crossing In Santa Monica Mountains To Connect Habitats Across 101 Freeway

by Sophia Huynh

Residents of Los Angeles would definitely consider their city an urban area. As L.A. becomes increasingly more urban in character, wildlife residing in the Santa Monica Mountains are put at risk due to habitat fragme... Read article

Save the Drop! L.A. Achieves 16% Reduction in Water Consumption, but Misses the Mark

by Alyssa Curran

Flowing fountains, full swimming pools, and luscious landscapes disguise and downsize L.A.’s short water supplies. The truth is that Los Angeles doesn't have much water. Only about 11% of Los Angeles’ water supply is... Read article

A New Hub for Businesses and Social Gatherings is Coming to Downtown Minneapolis

by Tam Nguyen

Built in 1968, Nicollet Mall became the prize possession of Downtown Minneapolis. It signifies Minneapolis’s economic growth and city development. Now to conserve the mall’s appeal for retail and downtown investment,... Read article

Fujian Wuhushan National Forest Park Master Plan Expects a One Billion Yuan Investment  

by Elle Huang

The Fujian Provincial Forestry Department approved the Fujian Wuhushan National Forest Park Master Plan in the experts' review meeting held in Fuzhou City, Fujian, China. In July 2014, the Wuhushan Mountain was desig... Read article

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Demonstrates Leading in Sustainability is Profitable

by Hannah Flynn

How does an aquarium – an institution that’s essentially a building full of chilled tanks of water – embrace sustainability in its practices? The Shedd Aquarium in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, ha... Read article

Los Angeles Plans for Resiliency in the Wake of Intensifying Climate Events

by Alyssa Curran

Los Angeles is home to beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, and historic landmarks. Its desirable living conditions and amenities support a population of over 10 million residents and attract over 250 million vi... Read article

How is the City of Fortaleza, Brazil Doubling the Size of Its Bike Share Program?

by Anna Petrone

Through the Secretary of Conservation and Public Services (SCSP), the city of Fortaleza, Brazil will install over 40 bike stations for Fortaleza’s bike sharing program, “Bicicletar.” The announcement was made on Thur... Read article

The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2015 – Highlighting the Top 10

by Rob Poole

Global Site Plans’ The Grid is proud to bring the list of the Top 20 Architecture Website of 2015. For the fourth consecutive year, we’ve compiled the most visited websites that cover architecture, interior design and ho... Read article

São Paulo, Brazil’s City Squares to be Managed through Citizen Participation

by Anna Petrone

Management of public squares in São Paulo, Brazil will now be held in a shared manner, involving not only the role of the government, but also the participation of the citizens for the use, implementation, revitaliza... Read article

In France, Discovery of 13th Century Murals Spur Poitiers Cathedral’s Restoration

by Bora Mici

Three years after the unexpected discovery of monumental decorative paintings at Poitiers Cathedral, Poitier, France, a preservation effort is underway. The perception of the building will be transformed. Perched ... Read article

The California Environmental Quality Act’s Effect on Development in Los Angeles

by Victor Tran

The California Environmental Quality Act, commonly referred to as CEQA, is a state law that requires all agencies to identify and mitigate significant environmental impacts caused by their proposed projects. Ronald R... Read article

Managing Water During Dry Times in Inland Empire, California

by Taylor York

The drought in California persists – for the fourth consecutive year. Snow Water Equivalents are used by The State Water Resources Department to measure how much water is contained within the mountain snowpack. As of... Read article

Rwanda, Africa Revises Policies on Climate Change & Food Security Linkages

by Katelyn Hewett

The Rwandan Civil Society Organization recommends changing its policy so that it reflects the links between climate change, commerce, and food security. This is to be done with the goal of advancing within the East-A... Read article