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Green Buildings Sprouting Up in Nairobi, Kenya

by Constant Cap

Green buildings are at times defined as buildings that are “not as bad” or “notably better” than the average with regard to impact on the environment. More technically,  a green building is one whose construction and lif... Read article

In Nantes, France, Exceptional Architecture for the Maison du Batîment

by Katelyn Hewett

In a tenuous economic context, one must be daring! But the gamble waged by the Fédération du Batîment des Pays de la Loire and de Loire-Atlantique has paid off. On Friday July 4th, after eighteen months of work, some... Read article

The Grid’s Top 20 Landscape Architecture Websites of 2014 – Highlighting the Top 10

by Rob Poole

In 2012 and 2013, The Grid searched far and wide across the web to find the most popular websites for landscape architects. Now another year has passed, and it’s time to click refresh. We’ve created a new list, with upda... Read article

The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2014 – Highlighting the Top 10

by Rob Poole

Now in its third year, The Grid is proud to introduce the Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2014. We dug deep into the web and took suggestions from our readers to find the most visited architecture websites, according to ... Read article

The First Public Building Green Façade in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

As presented in numerous previous posts, the City of Buenos Aires has embarked on a series of measures towards comprehensive green management policies. With the recently approved Green Roofs law, the expansion of bike... Read article

Druid Hill’s Memorial Pool: A Meaningful Green Space in Baltimore

by Jade Clayton

A 2007 article from Landscape and Urban Planning defines a few of the many roles intended in landscape architecture when planning public parks and gardens: Supporting biodiversity and providing ecosystem services; ... Read article

Architecture of Taksim as a Reflection of Turkish Government Policies

by İmra Gündoğdu

Freedom of speech is not separate from the right to public spaces. Public spaces are where individuals and societies express themselves. These spaces can be physical, like Taksim Square, or virtual, like Twitter. The ... Read article

An Architecture of the Exterior: The Renaissance Church Facade

by Marilena Mela

The urban environment of historic Florence, Italy is strongly defined by the numerous majestic churches, and the piazzas around them. It’s almost impossible for the visitor to remember all of their names, but the imp... Read article

From Grey to Green: or, How to Make Green Roofs Legal in Buenos Aires

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Recently, many things have changed in Buenos Aires concerning environmental awareness and policies towards more responsible urban planning - ones that are in tune with the rest of the world. As mentioned in previous post... Read article

Architects and the War: “Architecture in Uniform. Planning and Constructing for WWII” in Paris

by Bora Mici

What were architects working on during WWII, and how did this affect the history of their discipline? Returning to this question, the current exhibition at the Cite de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine shows both how this ... Read article

Greening Lower Grand Avenue: Community Visioning Gone Right

by Lynn Coppedge

In a city infamous for auto-oriented development, muddled identity, and isolated suburbs, one neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona has epitomized what it means to spark community revitalization. Lower Grand Avenue is a mile-... Read article

Redefining Green Building: Greenpeace Headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

In June 2013 I had the opportunity to visit the new headquarters for the global organization Greenpeace in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I already knew that the building was energy efficient, and “green” in every sense of ... Read article

Will Daring Architecture Produce Monotony in Astana?

by Sunny Menozzi

Astana has a predilection for post-modern, avant-garde architecture. The construction of wildly creative, contemporary architecture in Dubai and Tokyo cemented these cities' reputations as modern urban centers. Likewise,... Read article