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Urban Planning Conferences You Must Attend: January – June 2012

by Jordan Meerdink

Many of the bloggers at Global Site Plans continue to learn about urban planning and urban design long after they finish formal schooling. One of the most interesting ways to go beyond standard classroom education is by ... Read article

Models for Sustainable Transportation: Alternatives to the Automobile

by Daniel Sheehan

When it comes to developing more sustainable methods of transportation for Americans, there is nowhere to go, but up. Americans emit nearly 4,500 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per person, per year. This is nearly... Read article

What Will Bring People and Business Back to the Streets?

by Nidia Erceg

With the intention of planting a victory garden for a friend who just beat cancer we rode into the City of Montrose 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles to a nursery. I had my favorite nursery mapped out and I asked my frie... Read article

Los Angeles Approved Low Impact Development (LID) Ordinance

by Nidia Erceg

After over a year, the LID (Low Impact Development) Ordinance has finally made it past the Los Angeles Board of Public Works.  On January 15th, the Board unanimously approved a draft LID ordinance requiring that rainfall... Read article