Paul Drummond

Guest Blogger

Paul Drummond is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture. Paul received the A.S.L.A Student Honor Award and has worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Maryland, along with shoreline restoration companies along the Chesapeake Bay. A native of Maryland and having lived on both sides of the state, Paul draws inspiration and ecological awareness from the entire state, ranging from the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland, to the estuaries, marshes, and agrarian landscape of the Eastern Shore.

Silva Cells: Supporting Stormwater Runoff, Utilities, and Long-Term Tree Growth in High-Traffic Areas

by Paul Drummond

Often times, in design, monetary constraints affect the long-term integrity of a building, the landscape, and the overall site. All too often, cut backs on spending negatively impact an under-rated landscape. This impact... Read article

Meadows Replacing American Lawns

by Paul Drummond

A growing trend in the United States, advocated by landscape architects, is the transition of many well-manicured lawns, to ecologically functioning meadows. The transition is spurred by a growing advocacy for stormwater... Read article

The New Green Streets of Edmonston, Maryland: A Local Initiative

by Paul Drummond

Many communities across Maryland do not think of sustainable improvements when it comes time to make road improvements. But the town of Edmonston saw the road’s expiration date as a time to put a new lease on the roadway... Read article

Adaptive Use of Urban Spaces: The Simple Way to Environmental Design

by Paul Drummond

As most can attest from their daily routine in an urban setting, meeting people on the street is inevitable. Whether it is a stranger, an old friend, or a new acquaintance, the interesting thing that allows for this inte... Read article

Floating Wetlands in the City of Baltimore: Reusing Materials and Reestablishing Ecosystems in the Inner Harbor

by Paul Drummond

With an increased awareness of our waterway’s health, the City of Baltimore has taken the lead in setting a local example on how to reestablish the vital ecosystems that once dominated the city’s Inner Harbor. Wetlands o... Read article

"Watershed" at the University of Maryland: The 2011 Solar Decathlon Team

by Paul Drummond

Embodying the raw aesthetic and functionality of the Chesapeake Bay, and balancing the necessity for a low-impact way of living in such a delicate watershed, the 2011 University of Maryland Solar Decathlon Team has conce... Read article

5 Reasons to Feed Yourself: Urban Agriculture in American Cities

by Paul Drummond

Increasing food prices due to transportation, labor, and resources, have led to a revolution in the way that people perceive and purchase their food. Considering that more than half of the world’s population lives in urb... Read article

4 Reasons for Wildlife Crossings and Green Bridges

by Paul Drummond

With the increase of vehicular traffic across the United States, and most other countries, many habitats have or are becoming forever divided, damaged, and broken due to the construction of a road, highway, or interstate... Read article

Washington D.C. South Capitol Street Bridge: Reuse & Transformation

by Paul Drummond

While the term sustainability lingers in the ears of Washington, D.C. locals, true sustainability rarely is as visible as the transformation of the Nation’s most heavily polluted water body, the Anacostia River. Poised a... Read article