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Kevin Gooley

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Kevin is an urbanist and adventurer with a predilection for extreme wanderlust. He recently returned to the United States from the Netherlands. He received a Masters degree in Environmental and Urban Planning and worked as an Urban Sustainability Consultant in Amsterdam. Kevin relocated to Portland, Oregon so he could keep his bicycle as his primary mode of transportation.

Portland, Oregon's Green Loop Set to Transform Transportation in the Central City

by Kevin Gooley

Over the next twenty years, estimates are showing that Portland, Oregon could grow by approximately 42%, meaning about 260,000 new residents in an already populous city.  Much of this new growth is going to be concen... Read article

Legalized Cannabis & Land Use Regulations in Portland, Oregon

by Kevin Gooley

For decades, Oregon has been a trailblazer in progressive cannabis culture. In 1973 it became the first state to decriminalize possession and use. In 1998, The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act allowed cannabis to be cult... Read article

Planning Portland, Oregon's World Naked Bike Ride

by Kevin Gooley

The combustion of fossil fuels by automobiles is a major contributor to accelerated climate change. This is not a new revelation, it’s a widely accepted fact by climate scientists, politicians (unless they are paid t... Read article

New "Safe Sleep Policy" Legalizes Homeless Camping in Portland, Oregon

by Kevin Gooley

Portland's homeless population has been on a steady increase the past several years, eventually forcing the city to declare a homeless emergency at the end of 2015. This gave the city power to waive land-use restrict... Read article

Local Businesses Clash with the City of Portland Over Major Thoroughfare's Road Diet

by Kevin Gooley

Shifting away from car-centric road development may have major support from planners, academics, social scientists and liberal think-tanks, but the transformation of a major Portland, Oregon road has brought out a so... Read article

Portland, Oregon is Recycling One of its Outdated Bridges

by Kevin Gooley

The 2016 Presidential Race has brought many things to the national spotlight. Bad hair aside, what has been one surprisingly poignant topic? America's infrastructure. The poor shape of the country's roads and bridges... Read article

Urban Planner and Sustainability Advocate Sarah Iannarone is Running for Mayor of Portland, Oregon

by Kevin Gooley

The Portland, Oregon mayoral race is a crowded one with over fifteen individuals competing for the contested seat. Among this crowd is sustainability advocate and urban planner Sarah Iannarone, whose support for smar... Read article

Grassroots Community Planning Initiative Gives Voice to Portland Black Community

by Kevin Gooley

Portland, Oregon is known for its eclectic and progressive population of like-minded individuals, marching to the beat of their own drum. The patchwork of different neighborhoods has created a unique environment attr... Read article

New Hydropower Installation in Portland, Oregon is Great News for Sustainable Cities

by Kevin Gooley

Cities are often seen as a giant vacuum of resources and largely inefficient nodes of hyperconsumption. This is especially true in terms of energy. Cities consume massive amounts of energy, while hardly producing any... Read article