Joey Donovan

Joey Donovan graduated from the University of Greenwich (London, UK) with a B.A. in Landscape Architecture in 2011. Following graduation he worked in a succession of small practices while studying for a postgraduate diploma, which he achieved in 2014. More recently, Joey decided to leave London and travel to Vietnam to experience a rapidly urbanising society first-hand and currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City. Though his professional background is in the design and construction of private residential spaces, his academic work has focused on public space and the role landscape plays in planning at a community level. Joey is particularly interested in the possibilities of community participation in the design (and construction) of such projects, especially with regard to the rehabilitation of marginalised members of those communities, such as young offenders.

Dalat, Vietnam: The City of Flowers & French-Vernacular Architecture?

by Joey Donovan

While investigating landscape architecture in Saigon and Vietnam’s other cities, one is inevitably led back to Dalat, a small town in Vietnam’s south central highlands. It is here that many of the perennial plants us... Read article

The Purpose of Geomancy in the Purple City of Hue, Vietnam

by Joey Donovan

In the centre of Vietnam sits a small city with immense historic significance. Here collide the defining ingredients of Vietnam’s contemporary character, those engendered by its rich and chaotic history. The romantic... Read article

Relic of the Republic: The History of Ho Chi Minh City's Reunification Palace

by Joey Donovan

On April 30th, Vietnam celebrated forty years since the end of the Vietnam War and the reunification of North and South Vietnam. It was on that date in 1975 that North Vietnam and her allies in the Liberation Army of S... Read article

Thủ Thiêm Wetland of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Become Central Business District

by Joey Donovan

How big is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? Any newcomer to this sprawling conurbation would be forgiven for thinking it infinite, especially if they find themselves in the labyrinthine, haphazard sprawl of its periphery. ... Read article