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Jennifer Garcia

Born and raised in the Midwest, Jennifer García now enjoys the energy and quality of life that Miami has to offer. Professionally, she uses traditional architecture and principles of the New Urbanism as a Town Planner at Dover, Kohl & Partners. Based on careful research, she designs each project within the context of the local architectural language, distinct culture, and regional settlement patterns. She proudly holds a Master of Architecture from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Traveling has taught her to immerse herself into each place’s history, culture, traditions, and how they contribute to the range of urbanism and local vernacular. She also enjoys blogging as a local transit advocate for Transit Miami. Her daily bicycle commutes reinforce her belief in nurturing a living urbanism with livable streets.

Starchitects Can’t Save Miami, Florida

by Jennifer Garcia

A young city, Miami, Florida is still creating itself. Though a late-bloomer and nicknamed the “Magic City” for its rapid population growth, the metropolis followed the familiar route of other American cities: vibrant ea... Read article

Remnants of a Dream in Coral Gables, Florida

by Jennifer Garcia

Diversity is a key ingredient for a successful development, or at least that’s what George Merrick, Founding Father of Coral Gables, believed in 1925. Along with The American Building Company and former Ohio Governor Mye... Read article

Why are South Florida's Old Buildings So Romantic?

by Jennifer Garcia

“Love is in the Air” as Valentine’s Day approaches - lovebirds making romantic plans together and some committed couples planning their wedding. So what is the venue of popular choice? Old, pre-1950’s, historical buildin... Read article

What Makes Midtown the Best Neighborhood in Miami, Florida?

by Jennifer Garcia

Miami voted. Results were tallied. And Midtown took the “2012 Curbed Cup” contest for Miami’s Best Neighborhood. A former rail yard, now comprised of commercial and condo units, Midtown received more votes than popular d... Read article