Jeff Jilek

Urban Planning Blogger

Jeff Jilek has earned a B.S. in Architecture with a Minor in City & Regional Planning from the Ohio State University and an M.B.A and Master of Architecture degrees from Arizona State University. Sustainable Design is something that he is most interested in but blogs of many topics, included but not limited to, global dynamics, culture, and and economy.

Plasma Converter: Turning Landfills into Usable Oil

by Jeff Jilek

Trash that cannot be recycled always ends up in a pile. Then, it decomposes very slowly until it finally turns to soil. Under natural circumstances, however, this takes far too long. The range of biodegradation is 4 week... Read article

How the Fission-Fusion Loop Can Eliminate Nuclear Waste

by Jeff Jilek

It’s true. Nuclear fission is a lucrative power source and nuclear reactions can be quite dangerous. Nuclear fission is a lucrative power source in two ways: 1 kg of Uranium-235 is capable of producing 20 million ... Read article

Lightning: The Limitless Power Source

by Jeff Jilek

Ever since I learned about sustainable design, I was hooked. There was something about a balanced system that got me. Zero waste, renewable goods, services, synergy, etc. was all very neat to me. For me, no facet of sust... Read article