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James Foskett

James Foskett is currently in his last year of Architecture undergraduate study at Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland. Born in Devon, England, he has always had a passion for the Built Environment and therefore is planning on finishing his Architectural education by doing an MArch and possibly a Phd. Inspired by travel, his main interests are contextual designs that contribute greatly to the people that use them. From an Environmental Science background, he is also interested in sustainability and the effects of the life cycle of a building upon it's surroundings.

Farewell to The Grid, from James Foskett in Belfast, Ireland

by James Foskett

I never could have imagined how much I’d learn from Belfast, Ireland. Having only been here for three years, studying my undergraduate in architecture, Belfast has opened so much to me. Being able to report on what matte... Read article

RIBA and ARB to Restructure Architectural Education in the UK

by James Foskett

In the UK the route to becoming a qualified architect averages at almost ten years, longer than most other EU countries. With recent debates about high drop-out rates in architectural education and low percentages of fem... Read article

Belfast’s Bus Rapid Transit: Benefit or Burden?

by James Foskett

In Belfast an interesting debate is occurring as to whether to integrate a Bus Rapid Transit System into the current range of modalities. Transport Minister Danny Kennedy states that Belfast needs to accommodate for the ... Read article

The Uncertain Future of a Landmark Victorian Building in Belfast, Ireland

by James Foskett

It’s historical preservation week at The Grid and in Belfast, a landmark Victorian building is facing an uncertain future. In the city centre, the former Swanston’s Linen Warehouse has recently been denied demolition aft... Read article

Urban Farming in London's World War II Bomb Shelters

by James Foskett

Urban sprawl around the world has created an agricultural epidemic due to the decreasing space available for farmland. Ideas about how urban farming can improve the agricultural sector, as well as the sustainability of t... Read article

The Death of Art Deco in Belfast, Ireland

by James Foskett

Belfast is usually known as a Victorian city, although it is also home to a small selection of beautiful Art Deco buildings. These Art Deco features of the city are at risk as they fall into decay. The large supermarket ... Read article

Belfast Culture Night: A Benefit or a Burden?

by James Foskett

Every year since 2009, Belfast has hosted Culture Night. Inspired by the success of similar events in other capitals such as Dublin and Copenhagen, Belfast hosts Culture Night every September allowing organisations, grou... Read article

The Covered River that Gave Belfast its Name

by James Foskett

Belfast is derived from the Irish Name of Béal Feirste meaning the mouth of the River Farset. Now, the River Farset is covered and contained in a pipe. Old drawings show it as bustling river which once was the heart of B... Read article

Space Standards Continue Shrinking in the United Kingdom

by James Foskett

Recently, Governments within the United Kingdom have proposed a housing standards review considering the minimum space standards. First announced in 2010, the government stressed the need for an industry-led examination ... Read article

Nothern Ireland Considering Demolition of Historically Significant & Listed Buildings

by James Foskett

Belfast has a vast array of historically important buildings that reflect how the city has evolved. Even though these buildings have been labeled as protected, they are still at risk of demolition. The PAC (Public Accoun... Read article

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It's History, But Not Preserved: The Demolition of The University of Ulster, Belfast

by James Foskett

What should happen to worn out buildings? Should they be refurbished or demolished to make way for a new design? Questions like these often come up in situations of regeneration, such as in Belfast with the redevelopment... Read article

A Missing Core: Architectural Education in Northern Ireland

by James Foskett

Architectural education is vitally important, as both the public and professionals alike can stimulate a collaborative community seeking the best for their future. The diagram below shows how architecture, planning and u... Read article

Can Architecture Resolve Conflict?: The Legacy of Northern Ireland's Peace Walls

by James Foskett

A key element within architecture that can create a beautiful sense of enclosure or an intimidating space, are walls. In Northern Ireland the wall symbolises a history of conflict and separation, associated with the viol... Read article