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Holly Hixson

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Holly is currently attending the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program at University of Amsterdam. She is passionate about inclusive public space, transportation, urban observation, and human-centered design.

OT301: Rooted in Amsterdam's Squatter Movement, Now a Thriving Experiment in Self-Management

by Holly Hixson

Amsterdam, like most cities, has a significant amount of pressure upon its housing market to provide affordable and adequate accommodations to those who need it. This strain is due in part to the mass migration to cities... Read article

What Makes Amsterdam Neighborhoods Vibrant? An Afternoon in De Pijp

by Holly Hixson

Everyone, at one point or another has stumbled into a neighborhood that for reasons beyond their control, immediately intrigued, energized, and compelled them to stay awhile; the best neighborhoods in the world have dist... Read article

What’s Next for the Bicycle Capital of the World?

by Holly Hixson

Today, I did what I do every day: I rode my bike to work. I started along an iconic Amsterdam-red bike lane from my house in Amsterdam-Noord to the Ijplein ferry, disembarked on the other side of the river and made my wa... Read article

Planting the City: Reclaiming Precious Space for Urban Agriculture in Amsterdam

by Holly Hixson

When you imagine living in a densely populated city, what is the first image that pops in your head? Maybe it’s that of a concrete jungle; busy streets where individuals dance around each other trying to get to work, col... Read article

Amsterdam-Noord’s Experimentation with Circular Development

by Holly Hixson

It’s no secret that increasing sustainability is of utmost importance for every sector involved in operating and maintaining life in cities. While cities occupy only three percent of the world’s total land mass, they con... Read article

Amsterdam’s Dam Square: Maintaining Vibrant Public Space in a Time of Terrorism

by Holly Hixson

“Leisure is the ideal of life.” This alluring ideology promoted by the municipality of Amsterdam as central to the lifestyle of the ‘Dam city dwellers, draws nearly 16 million tourists to the Netherlands each year. While... Read article