Elle Huang

Elle is an urbanist, inspirer, and translator. She was born in mid-south China and received her PhD in Urban and Regional Sciences at Texas A&M University in 2014. She is passionate about words and completes translation work in her free time. Elle is currently exploring entrepreneurship in two areas: urban planning and personal development.

Xiamen, China Announces New Regulations for Sponge City Construction

by Elle Huang

After the "Xiamen Sponge City Construction Technical Specifications (Trial)" (the Specs), another important document -- the "Xiamen Sponge City Construction Management Interim Measures" (the Measures) has also been p... Read article

Beijing to Rehabilitate 127,000 Slum Households in Three Years

by Elle Huang

Beijing recently announced the "Beijing 2016 Slum Household Rehabilitation and Environment Remediation Tasks." The document indicates that this year, Beijing will complete the rehabilitation of 35,000 slum housing un... Read article

Denmark's COWI Company Wins Shen-Zhong Corridor Design Contest in Guangzhou, China

by Elle Huang

Guangzhou, China held the first review meeting of Shen-Zhong Corridor Design International Contest from January 16 to 17, 2016. Well-known experts specialising in tunnel, bridge, hydraulic structure, and aesthetics r... Read article

Beijing Subway Plans to Connect its Six "Broken Lines," Along with New Transfer Stations

by Elle Huang

On the Beijing, China subway map, one can see subway lines break in the middle of nowhere. And the lines that connect to suburban areas have few transfer stations. Those “broken lines,” therefore, put great pressure ... Read article