Ashley Wojtalewicz

Ashley Wojtalewicz is currently an undergraduate student in the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. With an emphasis in interior architecture, Ashley has a background and is interested in design research, problem solving & analysis, programming, interior space planning and aesthetics, interior construction, building systems & components, building codes, and building materials. As an aspiring designer and architect, Ashley continues to be fascinated by all forms of architecture and the social, environmental, and theoretical implications that make up the world we live in. Ashley will investigate these and other topics in the Omaha and Lincoln areas of Nebraska. She is excited to further explore and share her passion for architecture with the world and looks forward to furthering her own knowledge of the subject along the way.

Omaha, Nebraska Encourages Citizens to Get Active Within Their Communities

by Ashley Wojtalewicz

The act of bicycling is a universally known means of transportation. However, biking serves different purposes for different people. Some cycle for competition, some for relaxation, and some to get to their job, to t... Read article

Nebraska's Architectural Gems Serve as a Place of Homage to Top World Artists

by Ashley Wojtalewicz

Aristotle once said, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Indeed, it may be known that art is a visual subject. Many have grown up viewing, studying, and h... Read article

Government Technology Facilitates a "New City" in Lincoln, Nebraska

by Ashley Wojtalewicz

With the rise of the technological era, city governments are rapidly realizing the importance of harnessing this scientific know-how in order to provide an optimal environment for their citizens. Through marketing and th... Read article