Anna Petrone

Anna Petrone is a transportation engineering masters student at the University of Maryland, with a Bachelor in Math and Economics. Her interests lie in transportation projects located in developing countries, particularly in South America. She took a course in Portuguese in the summer of 2014 in preparation for a trip to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. She is now very excited to have the opportunity to practice and improve her reading skills with The Grid, and to obtain and share local Brazilian stories about environmental design.

São Paulo, Brazil Pedestrian Rights Association Forms to Advocate for Sidewalks

by Anna Petrone

For a long time São Paulo, Brazil has suffered from a lack of quality sidewalks. However, the achievement of ciclovias in the city has begun to generate a broader discussion about active mobility. Thus the Associatio... Read article

Volunteers Plant 1,500 Flowers in Medians of Avenida São Luís in São Paulo, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

It takes a lot of work to begin. You have to send letters calling upon the residents of the neighborhood. Speak with businesses to raise funds, fertilizer, or any other type of help. Knock on the Mayor’s door and ask... Read article

City of São Paulo, Brazil Launches Ban on Traditional Plastic Bags

by Anna Petrone

Traditional white plastic bags distributed in Brazilian supermarkets are now prohibited by law in São Paulo, Brazil. The new bags were inspired by international standards and could be replicated in other parts of the... Read article

Most Dangerous Favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is First to Build Bike Lanes

by Anna Petrone

Last month, the city launched the construction of a ciclovia in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's Maré Favela. The new route, which is set to open in 2016, will connect the community to the stations of the TransCarioca BRT as... Read article