Alex Banuelos

Alex Banuelos is a recent graduate of Arizona State University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Planning from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. He is currently pursuing his Real Estate License and plans on attending Arizona State University in the near future to earn a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development. Born in California and raised in Arizona and Mexico, Alex has always been interested in how the physical environment shapes our daily lives and customs. What began as a career in Architecture turned into the discovery of Urban Planning as a profession, and this in turn sparked a newfound passion for cities, how they work, and how city dwellers interact within their cities. He hopes to use his skills and education to help increase awareness of the potential the public has in shaping their own communities. In the future he hopes to practice advocacy planning using grassroots methods to bring people and communities together, and away from rapid suburbanization. Most importantly he wishes to teach people of the importance of preserving the natural environment.

Historic Hayden Flour Mill Now Open to the Public on Mill Avenue

by Alex Banuelos

Downtown Tempe is home to Hayden Flour Mill, built around 125 years ago in downtown Tempe, Arizona.  It was re-established in 2010, but up until then, it was a worn-down, old building, that created an eyesore for pas... Read article

Showcasing and Exploring the Urban Fabric of Downtown Tempe, Arizona

by Alex Banuelos

Downtown Tempe, Arizona has a variety of destinations that create a unique space syntax between modern urban blocks, natural desert landscape, historical buildings, and a man made lake, to name a few. It's the perfect de... Read article

How to Activate Neighborhood Parks in Downtown Tempe, Arizona

by Alex Banuelos

How important is measuring park use for urban planners? Should it be of concern to planners when a neighborhood park is empty or underutilized? I live next to Jaycee Park, a park that is exploding with noise daily. This ... Read article