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Galway, Ireland Turns to its Community in Struggle Against Sprawl

by Alan Bannon

As long as cities have existed there has been urban sprawl. In Galway, Ireland a dramatic increase in the city's urban sprawl began in the 19th century, when labourers flocked from the countryside to work in the new fact... Read article

The Irish Aversion to High-Rises and How Dublin is Dealing with Urban Sprawl

by Rebecca Mullen

Urban sprawl in Dublin can be attributed to the hostility to high-rise living felt by many people in Ireland. The demand for homes is there, but it is not being met with apartments for two main reasons. Firstly, a majori... Read article

Opportunities of Urban Sprawl: Mlolongo Township, Kenya

by Joseph Waithuki

Most African cities are characterized by an ever-rising urban population growth and the city of Nairobi is no exception. Various factors such as the natural rise in population, expansion of boundaries, and rural to urban... Read article

Guangdong Province Sets up Ecological Control Boundary to Tackle Sprawl

by Jue Wang

On November 27, 2013 the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held a training workshop on “Greenway Construction Management and Ecological Control Line Delineation.” The workshop aimed t... Read article

Is Rincon Valley’s Sprawl-Oriented Design Beyond Repair?

by Nick Danty

On the eastern edge of the city of Santa Rosa lies the Rincon Valley community, a typical middle-class suburb in the heart of wine country. The neighborhoods in this area, most notably the Skyhawk and Saint Francis devel... Read article

Is Urban Sprawl Always Sprawl?

by Maxwell Vidaver

In the United States, we often refer to the widespread suburban, non-city center areas as sprawling neighborhoods. They have streets that wind in and out, causing disorientation and creating minutes-long drives just to e... Read article

Sprawl: Taking the Other Side of the Suburbia Argument

by Katie Poppel

If you are interested in hearing the ‘other’ side’s point of view on suburbia and the concept of sprawl, I recommend Robert Bruegmann’s book – Sprawl: A Compact History (The University of Chicago Press, 2005). Sprawl i... Read article

Asia’s Sprawling, High Density Future: Exporting New Urbanism to Developing Countries at The Congress for the New Urbanism’s CNU21

by Aascot Holt

Dan Solomon, Mithun | Solomon Dan Solomon, CNU co-founder, author, and Principal at Mithun | Solomon, opened the session by saying that in the context of new urbanism concepts being introduced to developing countries,... Read article

Book Previews: Sprawl Retrofitting at The Congress for the New Urbanism’s CNU21

by Aascot Holt

Robert Pittman, artist and author, opened by presenting his new book, Anonymization, for the first time in the United States. He defined sprawl as “anonymous development” due to the alienation one feels when in a sprawl... Read article

City of Phoenix, Arizona Fills Its Sprawling Streets with Bus Transit

by James Gardner

Phoenix, Arizona is extremely auto-dependent, in part because of its low-density urban design and its vast road networks. The city must realize that light-rail will not serve all of the neighborhoods in greatest... Read article

10 Ways to Change Urban Sprawl in the City of Richmond, Virginia

by Jamaal Davis

By all accounts, urban sprawl is a problem that has plagued many metropolitan cities throughout the United States. Like many of these cities, Richmond, Virginia has struggled with the concept of how to control the growin... Read article

Build It and Sprawl Will Grow: Current Debates on the 3rd Bridge Project in Istanbul, Turkey

by Nazlı Ödevci

On May 29th, 2012, news about the 3rd bridge project hit Turkish prime time news. According to the news, Turkish construction firm İçtaş and Italian construction group Astaldi, through a joint venture, has won the 3rd Br... Read article

Cheap Gas, Sprawl, and No Streetcars in the United States: Do These Dots Connect?

by Pamela Abee-Taulli

In Europe, cities are dense and compact, public transportation is plentiful and convenient, and gasoline prices are high. In the United States, cities sprawl, public transit is, on average, difficult to come by, and gas ... Read article