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Sugar Hill Development Breaks New York Conceptions of Affordable Housing

by Quinn Harding

Sugar Hill, an area of Harlem that got its name from the “sweet life” that many African Americans experienced during the Harlem Renaissance, has changed dramatically over the years. Harlem as a neighborhood no longer... Read article

Marrakesh, Morocco Gabion Basket Homes Provide Sustainable, Affordable Housing

by Katelyn Hewett

In Marrakesh, Morocco, a model home is being constructed as a part of a project that seeks to build houses made of gabion baskets in rural regions of Morocco. The association behind this initiative is Architecture &a... Read article

The Suburban Pushback Against Affordable Housing in West Des Moines, Iowa

by Molly Carpenter

The city of West Des Moines is an affluent, growing community in the Des Moines metropolitan area. However, it faces challenges when it comes to affordable housing. Market rate single family housing is the typical ty... Read article

Denver’s Young Professionals Suffer in Affordable Housing Crisis

by Jonathan Knight

Congratulations! You just landed your dream entry-level urban planning job in your dream city of Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, you may go broke trying to find a rental apartment. When I accepted my position in the pl... Read article

Tapping into a New Market: Affordable Housing in Phoenix, Arizona

by Lynn Coppedge

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “affordable housing?" Crime, low property values, poor design? These negative connotations cause many cities and private developers to approach affordable housing projects with... Read article

Social Equity Or NIMBYism? Marin County’s Battle With Affordable Housing

by Nick Danty

Marin County is home to thousands of acres of open space; national, state and regional parks; and one of the most staggering equity disparities in the country. According to the American Human Development Project, the m... Read article

Exclusivity at Any Expense: The Lack of Affordable Housing on Chicago’s North Shore

by Andrew Kinaci

The Village of Winnetka has taken a hostile stance towards the affordable housing expansion In March of 2012, the affluent Chicago suburb of Winnetka, IL soundly defeated a referendum expanding affordable housing opt... Read article

San Francisco Establishes Affordable Housing Fund

by Steven Chang

In November 2012, San Francisco voters passed Proposition C, establishing a city-wide affordable housing fund on the enormous margin of 31%.  And it couldn’t have come at a better time. In February 2012, Governor Brow... Read article

Affordable Housing Anxieties: Chicago and The Preservation Compact

by Andrew Kinaci

A typical three-story walkup building in Chicago Urban planners the world over recognize that affordable housing is crucial for neighborhood stability, as well as workforce diversity and the economic sustainability of... Read article

The First LEED-Platinum Certified Affordable Housing Project: Tacoma, Washington’s Salishan 7

by Kennith George

Salishan 7 in Tacoma, Washington is the country’s first Hope VI Redevelopment funded project to achieve LEED-Platinum certification, the United States Green Building Council’s highest LEED for Homes green building standa... Read article

The Challenges of Affordable Housing in New York City, New York

by Nina Coveney

Affordable housing, as defined by the U.S. government, enables qualified residents to put 30% of their income toward housing while the government subsidizes the rest of the cost. While New York City (N.Y.C.) upholds this... Read article

Berlin, Germany is Taking Aggressive Action for Housing Affordability

by Brittany Garcia

What do you think of when you think of Berlin? For many, the first conceptions are Brandenburger Tor and Eastside Gallery (Formerly, The Berlin Wall). These famous landmarks have been embedded into the face of Berlin ... Read article

Young Vancouverites Discuss Housing Affordability at “A Future We Can’t Afford”

by Amy Do

Amidst conversation surrounding housing affordability issues in the Metro Vancouver area, young Vancouverites came together at the Museum of Vancouver on April 22, 2016 to discuss issues relating to the housing marke... Read article