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Green Roofs: A Sustainability Voucher for Cities? #TheGlobalGrid Chat Recap

by Sarah Essbai

April’s #TheGlobalGrid Twitter chat was dedicated to green roofs, a special sustainable building feature gaining popularity in cities around the world. During our chat, we asked if green roofs benefit more than the build... Read article

Green Roofs: A Sustainability Voucher for Cities? #TheGlobalGrid Pre-Chat Post

by Sarah Essbai

Green roofs are gaining popularity across the globe. As urban development ramps up, green roofs offer unexpected room for nature. They hold all the benefits of green open spaces while mitigating numerous environmental is... Read article

Has City of Syracuse Greenwashed its Sustainability Plan?

by Sukhmann Aneja

Five years ago, the city of Syracuse, New York jumped on the green design bandwagon by developing a Sustainability Plan meant to reduce energy consumption while preserving and protecting the environment. According to thi... Read article

Chicago Neighborhoods Show Sustainability & Economic Development Go Hand-in-Hand

by Hannah Flynn

The South East Chicago Commission (SECC) has spearheaded the creation of Green Healthy Neighborhoods in Action (GHNA). The effort is focused around building a coalition of South Side sustainability organizations that... Read article

Urban Planner and Sustainability Advocate Sarah Iannarone is Running for Mayor of Portland, Oregon

by Kevin Gooley

The Portland, Oregon mayoral race is a crowded one with over fifteen individuals competing for the contested seat. Among this crowd is sustainability advocate and urban planner Sarah Iannarone, whose support for smar... Read article

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium Demonstrates Leading in Sustainability is Profitable

by Hannah Flynn

How does an aquarium – an institution that’s essentially a building full of chilled tanks of water – embrace sustainability in its practices? The Shedd Aquarium in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, ha... Read article

Reinvesting in Wisconsin’s Cities: Partnerships for Sustainability

by Kaylie Duffy

Madison has a reputation for being the “green capital” of Wisconsin; however, smaller cities and towns around the state are following Madison’s lead by putting many sustainable initiatives into practice. Some communi... Read article

Closure of The Champlain Bridge: Transportation Sustainability in Montreal, Quebec

by Marcus Khoury

It’s hard to look past the topic of the week: the Champlain Bridge! The closure of several lanes on the bridge deck caused huge traffic jams over several kilometers at the beginning of the week, with the same happening... Read article

The Living Building Challenge for Sustainability in the Built Environment

by Gina Kiani

The open Sustainability Colloquium at the University of California, Berkeley is a presentation series featuring sustainability topics from leading practitioners of urban planning, architecture, landscape design, engineer... Read article

Economic Development for Sustainability in Oakland, California

by Gina Kiani

Economic development can often be overlooked in the pursuit of sustainable urban planning, however, the three E's of sustainability consist of Ecology, Equality and Economy. In promoting economic sustainability, Oakland'... Read article

Communities Working Together: The Lake Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative

by Alex Riemondy

“There is growing concern for the issue of sustainability — whether the Earth's resources will be able to meet the demands of a growing human population that has rising aspirations for consumption and quality of life, wh... Read article

Talking Sustainability: An Interview with Orlando, Florida’s Creative Village Developer

by Alex Lenhoff

Technology, education, and sustainability are the driving forces behind Orlando’s upcoming Creative Village, a 68-acre infill project in downtown Orlando. Craig Ustler, 50 Most Powerful People in Orlando mainstay and co-... Read article

Debate Continues Over Sustainability of Phoenix, Arizona

by James Gardner

In a recent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, William deBuys, author of A Great Aridness, predicted a bleak climate future for Phoenix, Arizona. He explained that a heat island effect has been created by an overly co... Read article