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Top 20 Civil Engineering Websites of 2017

by Sarah Essbai

This year’s list of the top 20 most visited civil and structural engineering websites includes a record number of professional organizations; more than half. The knowledge and career development resources made available ... Read article

Top 20 Civil / Structural Engineering Websites of 2016

by Sarah Essbai

The Global Grid's third ranking of 2016 (don’t miss our landscape architecture and urban planning lists) brings you the twenty most popular civil and structural engineering websites. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers webs... Read article

Where Engineers Go: The Top 10 Engineering Websites for 2013 – And Coverage of the Top 20

by Rob Poole

This past month, The Grid has brought you lists for the top 20 urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture websites for 2013. In these lists we compared our rankings to those from 2012. But this year we have ... Read article

5 Creative Environmental Engineering Website Designs

by Miriam Ansorena

Any person that is reading this post is most likely a frequent Internet user. The population of the world in December 2011 was estimated at 6 billion inhabitants, and the number of Internet users was 2 billion people. ... Read article

Unique Engineering & Architectural Logo Designs

by Miriam Ansorena

Creating a unique engineering logo design is not an easy task. In the world there are thousands of different logos and it is difficult to stand out. And there are experienced consultants and websites specialised in the t... Read article

Unique Engineering Business Cards that Wow

by Jeff Jilek

All businesses aim to make a lasting impression. Engineering firms are no exception, although a creative business card is rare in this field. This is a business card for the Canadian firm, Helix. As you can see, it see... Read article

Free Internet Directory Listings for Engineers and Engineering Firms

by Renée Elaine Sazci

When a potential client is searching for an engineer or engineering firm, they may find themselves sitting in front of the computer and Googling ( the following terms: "find a structural engineer," "architectu... Read article

Book Review of “The Language of Architecture” by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke

by Dan Malo

“The Language of Architecture: 26 Principles Every Architect Should Know” is an architectural textbook published in 2014 by Rockport Press, written by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke with essays by seven others. The book is... Read article

Book Review of “Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City” by Richard Sennett

by Andrew Kinaci

Renowned sociologist and public intellectual Richard Sennett’s forthcoming book, “Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City,” is a sweeping, interdisciplinary examination of urban planning and urban life. Sennett sets a... Read article

Famous Tempelhof Airport Remains Berlin’s Playground

by Brittany Garcia

Oxford Dictionary defines “airport” as, “a complex of runways and buildings for the take-off, landing, and maintenance of civil aircraft, with facilities for passengers.” People have now been traveling by air for just ov... Read article

Top 20 Active Transportation Websites of 2017: Highlighting the Top 10

by Renée Elaine Sazci

This year, The Global Grid has expanded its horizons beyond the Top 20 lists covered for the past five years (urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture and engineering). This new list dives into active transpo... Read article

Boston is Getting Water Wise with Green Infrastructure and Design

by Alyssa Curran

For a city that receives an average of over 40 inches of rainfall every year, why is it that Boston, Massachusetts needs to pump in water from 65-miles away? Why is it that public health officials recommend avoiding ... Read article

Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2016

by Sarah Essbai

The long awaited The Global Grid architecture websites ranking is finally here. Be sure to check out our other rankings this year, including the Top 20 landscape architecture, urban planning, and civil / structural engin... Read article