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Boston is Getting Water Wise with Green Infrastructure and Design

by Alyssa Curran

For a city that receives an average of over 40 inches of rainfall every year, why is it that Boston, Massachusetts needs to pump in water from 65-miles away? Why is it that public health officials recommend avoiding ... Read article

Green Infrastructure Meets Green Solutions: Wisconsin’s New Energy Institute

by Kaylie Duffy

The energy crisis is not only an American problem but also a global problem. What will happen when fossil fuels run out? Can our planet and its inhabitants even survive the constant burning of these fossil fuels? The Uni... Read article

Cruising Down the Green Lane: Recapping #thegrid Twitter Chat on Bicycle Infrastructure in Cities

by Rob Poole

Last week, Global Site Plan’s The Grid co-hosted a TweetChat with The Green Lane Project about implementing bike infrastructure in cities. Over forty bike-enthusiasts joined us to share their wisdom on the topic. What ca... Read article

Green Roofs: A Sustainability Voucher for Cities? #TheGlobalGrid Chat Recap

by Sarah Essbai

April’s #TheGlobalGrid Twitter chat was dedicated to green roofs, a special sustainable building feature gaining popularity in cities around the world. During our chat, we asked if green roofs benefit more than the build... Read article

How Berlin Wall’s Fall Increased Access to Green Public Open Spaces

by Brittany Garcia

The wise Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” and he couldn’t have been more right. “Why is that?” you may ask. The simple answer to your question: urbanization. According to United Nations fore... Read article

Historic Preservation Projects Given Green Light in Downtown Manaus, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

The revitalization project of Tenreiro Aranha Square and of the area surrounding the Adolpho Lisboa Market in Manaus was presented on the morning of August 11th by the Director-President of the Municipal Urban Planning... Read article

The City of Paris’ New Bike Plan Focuses on Infrastructure Projects for 2014-2020

by Katelyn Hewett

More parking spots for bikes, new bike paths on major streets, extension of zones with 30km/h speed limits, and perhaps wider bike paths or the prohibition of cars at temporary markets. These are just some of the measure... Read article

Teenagers Pedal for a Greener Neighborhood in Montreal, Quebec

by Bora Mici

On Monday, around fifity teenagers on bikes invaded the streets of Saint-Laurent in order to sensitize its residents toward the adoption of better environmental habits. The youth of the C-Vert project want to sensit... Read article

Green Spaces – Where and How are They Built into a City? Examples of Italian Urban Greenery

by Marilena Mela

Living in an Italian city makes one appreciate the importance of the outdoors and public spaces. Apart from the piazzas and the narrow paved streets that are always filled with people and happy noise, in many corners a b... Read article

Bike Infrastructure Before Bicyclist Demand: A Cork City, Ireland Perspective

by Olivia Dolan

Cork City, Ireland is a relatively compact city with most of the suburban areas within five kilometers from the city center. Based on an average cycle time of twelve kilometers per hour, the majority of the city is withi... Read article

The First Public Building Green Façade in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

As presented in numerous previous posts, the City of Buenos Aires has embarked on a series of measures towards comprehensive green management policies. With the recently approved Green Roofs law, the expansion of bike... Read article

Ottawa Lacks Safe City Cycling Infrastructure, Focuses on Recreation

by Nour Aoude

Stretched over a large area in low-density residential suburbs, Ottawa is not an easy place to plan efficient cycling infrastructure. Indeed, the city’s low-density form means that cycling here often takes particular cha... Read article

Melbourne Promotes Green Walls & Roofs with “Growing Green Guide”

by Kunal Matikiti

If you have ever wished for your home to be more beautiful, more valuable or more sustainable, then you might want to “think green.” Green walls and roofs are landscaped building surfaces that can definitely grant those ... Read article