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Rwanda, Africa Revises Policies on Climate Change & Food Security Linkages

by Katelyn Hewett

The Rwandan Civil Society Organization recommends changing its policy so that it reflects the links between climate change, commerce, and food security. This is to be done with the goal of advancing within the East-A... Read article

Book Review of “Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change” by Peter Calthorpe

by Christine Cepelak

"Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change" is an extended summary of Peter Calthorpe’s thought leadership in the areas of urban planning and its impacts on the surrounding environment. Arguing the holistic nature of plannin... Read article

Kansas City, Missouri’s Mayorial Climate Action Plan

by Sunny Sanwar

Currently there is no universal agreement on the degree, cause, or the severity of climate change. There is, however, a significant agreement on the rise of global emissions due to the quantitative aspects of measure... Read article

Cities and Climate Change: Kansas City, MO Perspectives on a Global Issue

by Sunny Sanwar

Cities have gained considerable importance in the dialogue of climate change and environmental sustainability. A majority of the earth’s growing population is projected to live in cities. Not only are they responsible fo... Read article

How the Micro-Climate of Athens is Changing Everyday Life

by Athina Kyrgeorgiou

The urban environment today is certainly different from what it used to be. City expansion, increased populations in urban centers, and CO2 accumulation are some of the reasons for so-called micro-climates. Greek citi... Read article

Sea-Change Ahead for Boston: Private Property Rights May Be Forfeited

by Alyssa Curran

Boston grew from the sea by way of man-made land. Now, the city is facing a return to the sea by way of man-made emissions. Climate resilience and adaptation are emerging in fields spanning urban planning, architecture, ... Read article

Reichstag Exemplifies Germany’s Energy Transition Commitment

by Brittany Garcia

Germany has been in the vanguard of going green. It has implemented a myriad of environmental policies, such as the Climate Action Plan 2050 to ensure a greener tomorrow. The plan’s objective is to eliminate nuclear ener... Read article

Book Review of “The Language of Architecture” by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke

by Dan Malo

“The Language of Architecture: 26 Principles Every Architect Should Know” is an architectural textbook published in 2014 by Rockport Press, written by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke with essays by seven others. The book is... Read article

Book Review of “Infinite Suburbia” by Alan Berger, Joel Kotkin, and Celina Balderas Guzman

by Lynn Coppedge

“Infinite Suburbia,” a collection of essays edited by Alan Berger, Joel Kotkin, and Celina Balderas Guzman, challenges the suburban notion that Lewis Mumford once described as “a multitude of uniform unidentifiable house... Read article

Book Review of “The Well-Tempered City” by Jonathan F.P. Rose

by Colin Poff

Cities of the future will almost certainly play an increasingly central role in solving some of humanity’s most pressing issues. In “The Well-Tempered City,” author Jonathan F.P. Rose states that “the twenty-first centur... Read article

Students of Nantes, France Utilize A “City Lab” to Test Urban Innovations

by Carmen Phillips

Testing a product in a laboratory is a commonly accepted practice. As our cities change, why don't we apply the same precepts of innovation? We could test and modify potential changes. But it is difficult at the city... Read article

“Flower Factory” Tours Begin at the Municipal Garden of Curitiba, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

Located in the Guabirotuba neighborhood, the Municipal Garden of Curitiba, Brazil received the first group of residents interested in learning about the production process of the flowers that decorate their local par... Read article

Québec, Canada Faces Four Energy Challenges in Developing its 2025 Energy Policy

by Bora Mici

The government of Québec is preparing its energy policy. Its first consultations show that it has not integrated the changes that have come about in the area since 2006. This voluntary myopia costs us billions of dol... Read article