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Book Review of “Infinite Suburbia” by Alan Berger, Joel Kotkin, and Celina Balderas Guzman

by Lynn Coppedge

“Infinite Suburbia,” a collection of essays edited by Alan Berger, Joel Kotkin, and Celina Balderas Guzman, challenges the suburban notion that Lewis Mumford once described as “a multitude of uniform unidentifiable house... Read article

Sprawl: Taking the Other Side of the Suburbia Argument

by Katie Poppel

If you are interested in hearing the ‘other’ side’s point of view on suburbia and the concept of sprawl, I recommend Robert Bruegmann’s book – Sprawl: A Compact History (The University of Chicago Press, 2005). Sprawl i... Read article

15 Must-Read Urbanism Books Written by Women

by Renée Elaine Sazci

When you search the Top 100 urban planning and development, architecture, or built environment books on Amazon you may notice the abundance of male voices, male authors. This book list is meant for men and women alike - ... Read article

Book Review of “The Well-Tempered City” by Jonathan F.P. Rose

by Colin Poff

Cities of the future will almost certainly play an increasingly central role in solving some of humanity’s most pressing issues. In “The Well-Tempered City,” author Jonathan F.P. Rose states that “the twenty-first centur... Read article

Book Review of “The New Urban Crisis” by Richard Florida

by Karsen Maruca

In "The New Urban Crisis: How Our Cities Are Increasing Inequality, Deepening Segregation, and Failing the Middle Class - And What We Can Do about It," author Richard Florida identifies and wrestles with one of the great... Read article

Not Your Mother’s Levittown: How “Brown Flight” Altered the Suburban Identity of Bridgewater, New Jersey

by Sukhmann Aneja

The west end of Bridgewater, New Jersey marks a series of densely populated suburban communities, known to the public as the “Milltown-Vanderveer” district, and to its residents as “Chindia” for its predominantly Chi... Read article

Policy Setback: New Ruling in Favour of Suburbs in Waterloo Region, Canada

by Auditiyo Das Gupta

After a 13-year battle, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) has finally sided with developers on the issue of making more land available for suburban growth. Over a decade ago, Waterloo Regional Council had passed poli... Read article

Imagining New Possibilities for Ottawa’s Greenbelt

by Nour Aoude

Residents of Ottawa, Ontario are proud of their city's vast green space, and this is no coincidence. Green space was written into Ottawa’s city plan in a big way in the 1950s, when the National Capital Greenbelt was esta... Read article

Book Review of “Charter of the New Urbanism” by Congress for the New Urbanism

by Jennifer Garcia

The Congress for the New Urbanism updated the classic book, long out of print, based on the CNU Charter that was signed in 1996. The Charter itself remains unchanged; this edition of the book simply advances the original... Read article

Education, Next Gen, and Documents That Suck: Exclusive Post-CNU21 Interview With Brian Wright of TPUDC

by Aascot Holt

Brian Wright, TPUDC CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO PODCAST This is a transcription of the downloadable audio interview, available here. Hello and welcome to Global Site Plans’ exclusive interview with Brian Wright. I’m Aasc... Read article

The Importance of Downtown Library Branches

by Aascot Holt

In the urban planning field, downtowns seem to be either portrayed as prolific new urbanist havens, or gritty, dilapidated messes that fail to breathe life into their communities. This time round, the latter perspectiv... Read article

Book Previews: Sprawl Retrofitting at The Congress for the New Urbanism’s CNU21

by Aascot Holt

Robert Pittman, artist and author, opened by presenting his new book, Anonymization, for the first time in the United States. He defined sprawl as “anonymous development” due to the alienation one feels when in a sprawl... Read article

The Hidden Costs of Highways: How The Investment of Vehicle Orientated Infrastructure is Affecting our Health

by Steven Petsinis

Our mobility is bound by the linkages available to us and the built environment that surrounds us. But how does our transportation choices in our city affect our health and well being ? This is a question that is ga... Read article