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Green Roofs: A Sustainability Voucher for Cities? #TheGlobalGrid Chat Recap

by Sarah Essbai

April’s #TheGlobalGrid Twitter chat was dedicated to green roofs, a special sustainable building feature gaining popularity in cities around the world. During our chat, we asked if green roofs benefit more than the build... Read article

Top 20 Landscape Architecture Websites of 2018

by Renée Elaine Sazci

In celebration of April's World Landscape Architecture Month (#WLAM2018), we are giving our 2018 annual ranking of the top 20 most visited landscape architecture websites an early start (2017 was published in October). T... Read article

How Berlin Wall’s Fall Increased Access to Green Public Open Spaces

by Brittany Garcia

The wise Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” and he couldn’t have been more right. “Why is that?” you may ask. The simple answer to your question: urbanization. According to United Nations fore... Read article

Has City of Syracuse Greenwashed its Sustainability Plan?

by Sukhmann Aneja

Five years ago, the city of Syracuse, New York jumped on the green design bandwagon by developing a Sustainability Plan meant to reduce energy consumption while preserving and protecting the environment. According to thi... Read article

Top 20 Landscape Architecture Websites of 2017

by Sarah Essbai

The websites of this year’s Top 20 Landscape Architecture ranking represent a variety of interests within the field of landscape architecture and design. We included resources for inspiration, career development, urban s... Read article

Portland, Oregon’s Green Loop Set to Transform Transportation in the Central City

by Kevin Gooley

Over the next twenty years, estimates are showing that Portland, Oregon could grow by approximately 42%, meaning about 260,000 new residents in an already populous city.  Much of this new growth is going to be concen... Read article

Top 20 Landscape Architecture Websites of 2016

by Sarah Essbai

This year’s Top 20 Landscape Architecture websites list is a mix of the old and the new. There are the consistent front runners, but there are also some who made way for some interesting new additions. Newcomers include ... Read article

Shanghai Wins First Place in 2016 China Green Building City Ranking

by Elle Huang

Shanghai won first place in the 2016 China Top Ten Green Building Cities ranking, with 38 three-star, 64 two-star and 18 one-star green building design evaluation labels. Beijing followed second, and Shenzhen third. ... Read article

U.S. Bank Stadium to Expand While Investing in Green Spaces for Downtown Minneapolis

by Tam Nguyen

After a two-year construction period since the demolition of the Metrodome in January 2014, the professional football team, the Minnesota Vikings, can soon return to Downtown Minneapolis in the summer of 2016. The Vi... Read article

Historic Preservation Projects Given Green Light in Downtown Manaus, Brazil

by Anna Petrone

The revitalization project of Tenreiro Aranha Square and of the area surrounding the Adolpho Lisboa Market in Manaus was presented on the morning of August 11th by the Director-President of the Municipal Urban Planning... Read article

The Top 20 Landscape Architecture Websites of 2015 – Highlighting the Top 10

by Rob Poole

At Global Site Plans’ The Grid, we are proud to bring our readers our fourth annual installment of the top 20 landscape architecture websites of the year. Whether you work for a city agency and are looking to create a be... Read article

The Grid’s Top 20 Architecture Websites of 2015 – Highlighting the Top 10

by Rob Poole

Global Site Plans’ The Grid is proud to bring the list of the Top 20 Architecture Website of 2015. For the fourth consecutive year, we’ve compiled the most visited websites that cover architecture, interior design and ho... Read article

Sustainable Architecture Booming in Rural Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Why Not Urban?

by Tara Whelan

Phnom Penh is a very green city; the streets are lined with trees, and vegetation grows endlessly in the tropical climate. Cambodia also has a rich history of architectural design, and despite immense deforestation, ... Read article