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Book Review of “Ghetto” by Mitchell Duneier

by Karsen Maruca

In “Ghetto: The Invention of a Place, The History of an Idea,” author Mitchell Duneier forwards a bold and important message: that the “ghetto” as an idea can be a powerful and indispensable tool. Despite the idea’s limi... Read article

Waterloo’s Northdale Neighborhood Declared a “Student Ghetto”

by Becky Loi

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, home to three institutions of higher learning, has a large student population. As the universities grow and expand, the student population in the city increases in tandem. Many students choos... Read article

The Ghetto in the Sky: From Slum Removal to Urban Renewal in Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Matthew Traucht

One of the most iconic viewsheds in Minneapolis - hated by some, loved by others - are any that include the Riverside Plaza apartments. From many places in the city you can see the Brutalist concrete buildings, with t... Read article

Book Review of “Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City” by Richard Sennett

by Andrew Kinaci

Renowned sociologist and public intellectual Richard Sennett’s forthcoming book, “Building and Dwelling: Ethics for the City,” is a sweeping, interdisciplinary examination of urban planning and urban life. Sennett sets a... Read article

Urban Planner and Sustainability Advocate Sarah Iannarone is Running for Mayor of Portland, Oregon

by Kevin Gooley

The Portland, Oregon mayoral race is a crowded one with over fifteen individuals competing for the contested seat. Among this crowd is sustainability advocate and urban planner Sarah Iannarone, whose support for smar... Read article

COP21 Spurs France’s EcoDistrict Developments, But Lacks Neighborhood Connectivity

by Iva Boishin

Several inaugurations of ecodistricts took place in France recently. With the COP21 (United Nations Conference on Climate Change), the French wanted to lead by example. But to prove their genuine effectiveness, these... Read article

The Key Points of Manuel Valls’ Plan Against France’s “Social Apartheid”

by Katelyn Hewett

Two months ago, Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls, denounced the existence of what he controversially called “territorial, social, and ethnic apartheid” in France. Friday, he unveiled shocking measures to change... Read article

Roland Castro on Using Design to Aid Struggling Neighborhoods in Paris, France

by Katelyn Hewett

What is the best way to fight against the ghettoisation of disadvantaged neighborhoods? Roland Castro, architect and urban planner in charge of the Banlieues 89 project and a member of the Atelier International du Gr... Read article

Non-Diversified Economic Markets in Detroit, Michigan: Autos and Now Agriculture

by Bora Mici

Detroit, Michigan's urban agriculture has been enjoying stunning popularity for several years. From a city in exponential decline since the national financial crisis of the end of the last decade, the city's citizens and... Read article

Redevelopment Brings Luxury Student Apartments to Ames, Iowa

by Molly Carpenter

As construction began this summer on the Campustown Redevelopment Project in Ames, Iowa, new signs have gone up at the construction site advertising two new luxury student apartment complexes. These complexes, named The ... Read article

Evaluating 10 Years of Redevelopment: Urban Renewal in Clichy-sous-Bois, France

by Marcus Khoury

Rows of low-rise buildings and litter have disappeared from the field of view of residents living in the neighborhoods of Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil. At the end of an ambitious urban renewal project begun ten years... Read article

How Modernist French Apartment Complexes Could Attain Legitimacy As Heritage

by Bora Mici

Today, it is confirmed that the great French apartment complexes, made up in large part of social housing, have seen more than 30 years, as well as the first riots, which were central to neighborhoods in the suburbs of L... Read article

Welcome to The Other Side of Milan: The Shift from University Life to Via Padova

by Alexandra Serbana

Milan is a city of cities. As a pedestrian you can always discover new areas with unique characteristics of architecture, urban, and social aspects. As you explore the city from one side to the other you get to experienc... Read article