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Chicago Residents Utilizing Gentrification Index to Identify At-Risk Neighborhoods

by Hannah Flynn

Long-time residents of Chicago’s Pilsen, Logan Square, and Bridgeport communities have complained anecdotally that their neighborhoods are gentrifying. John J. Betancur and Youngjun Kim, researchers with the Voorhees... Read article

Charlotte’s Historic Fourth Ward Experienced Gentrification as Corporate Growth Strategy

by Rachel Eberhard

In the early 1970s, “The Queen City” was no stranger to urban renewal efforts sweeping the nation. It was around that same time that leaders at North Carolina National Bank (now Bank of America) envisioned a city whe... Read article

Gentrification and Dislocation of Los Angeles’ Urban Poor Leading to Homelessness

by Victor Tran

Known for being a city of extremes, Los Angeles has an extremely high homeless population. In 2013, it was estimated that 54,000 individuals were homeless within Los Angeles County. Government officials are still unc... Read article

Gentrification is Hurting Neighborhoods in Downtown Kitchener, Canada

by Auditiyo Das Gupta

In the last few years, gentrification has been causing problems in downtown areas around North America, and now Kitchener (in Ontario, Canada) is no exception. While developments downtown can be good for intensification ... Read article

Verdun’s First Microbrewery Reflects Gentrification of Montreal Neighbourhood

by Caitlin Dixon

Often thought of as an impoverished working class neighbourhood, the borough of Verdun in Montreal, Quebec has been experiencing a renewal since the early 2000's. This eclectic area sandwiched between the Montreal Aquedu... Read article

San Francisco’s Mission District: The Controversial Gentrification

by Lauren Golightly

A walk through the heart of San Francisco’s historic Mission District is typically charged with the activity of crowded sidewalk fruit markets, lively music, and the smells from taquerías and pupusas. While this energy i... Read article

The Economics of Gentrification in Washington, D.C.

by Chase Keenan

This past decade has seen Washington, DC host one of the most rapid transformations in the United States. Once a city in decline, known for crime and plagued by disinvestment and poor governance, a quick look at the Dist... Read article

The Gentrification of Saint-James Street in Bordeaux, France

by Marcus Khoury

New stores and bars are moving into Saint-James Street. The names of the new establishments leave little doubt about their target clientele. There is a clothing boutique called Vintage US, run by Christel, a woman in h... Read article

The Expanding Bourgeois: Gentrification in Buenos Aires, Argentina

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

The term ‘gentrification’ has been defined as a process of urban transformation in which the original population of a marginalized and poor neighborhood or area is progressively displaced by another with a higher income ... Read article

Foreign Investment & Gentrification Offer New Residents for Morocco’s Medinas

by Sarah Essbai

Gentrification has become increasingly prevalent in most major metropolitan areas across the globe and affects mainly old and historic urban zones. In Morocco, gentrification can be observed in the historic centers (like... Read article

Shanghai’s Yongkang Lu: Gentrification and Tension

by Sophie Plottel

Strolling down a quaint street on a bright, spring afternoon, passing an international array of bakeries, small bars and cafes, you might think you had been transported to a quiet Parisian street. Instead, Yongkang Lu, l... Read article

Hyde Park and Bronzeville: Gentrification on Chicago’s South Side

by Andrew Kinaci

With last fall’s announcement that the low-cost supermarket Village Foods would be closing in favor of a new upscale Whole Foods location, a long-running debate about gentrification on Chicago’s South Side was re-igni... Read article

Buenos Aires’ Bus Rapid Transit and Real Estate Appraisal: Transit and Gentrification in a Latin American City

by Luis Hernando Lozano-Paredes

Urban Planning interventions on a grand scale are the most noticeable way of changing the face of a city and the quality of living for its inhabitants. Not policies, though urban planning depends greatly on poli... Read article