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Farewell to Global Site Plans and The GRID, from Yosef Robinson

by Yosef Robinson

It has been a wonderful experience writing various blogs pertaining to urban planning issues in the Montreal, Canada area, as well as learning the advantages of professional logo design.  After six months, it is with muc... Read article

Bike Path Network Development in Urban and Suburban Areas of Montreal, Canada: North America’s Best City for Biking

by Yosef Robinson

Montreal has long been a bike-friendly city, with well over 500 kilometres (or 310 miles) of bike paths on Montreal Island to date.  An interactive map of bike paths in the metropolitan area shows these paths.  In fact, ... Read article

Bypassing Highway Problems in Montreal, Canada: Completion of Autoroute 30

by Yosef Robinson

Greater Montreal is one of the few large metropolitan areas in North America that do not have effective beltways (or ring-roads) surrounding the metropolitan region.  This situation prevents passing vehicles from bypassi... Read article

Urban Planning Logos with Impact

by Yosef Robinson

Thus far, I have covered how amateur logo design can lead to many mistakes and how logo design by a specially qualified professional can ensure a logo’s success.  To sum it up, urban planners should not risk being too ch... Read article

Balancing Growth and Conservation: Smart Growth in Greater Montreal, Canada

by Yosef Robinson

In the past decade or two, similar to other North American metropolitan areas, Greater Montreal (with a population of 3.7 million and an area of 4360 km² – or 1683 mi²) has grown outward in area, beyond Montreal Island (... Read article

The Value of Professional Logo Design

by Yosef Robinson

It is important for every business to have a logo that distinguishes it from its competitors and attracts clients; proper logo design is crucial to maintaining a business.  Indeed, investing in good logo design is just a... Read article

Montreal, Canada’s Transportation Plan: Increasing Public Transit Options

by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island (the core of the Montreal region) boasts of a city bus network, a subway system (hereafter, the metro), and a commuter rail system serving the entire metropolitan region.  Eventhough Montreal has one of t... Read article

How Cheap Logo Design Can Fail

by Yosef Robinson

It is important for every business to have a logo that distinguishes itself from its competitors and attracts clients.  Proper logo design is crucial to maintaining a business.  In fact, investing in good logo design... Read article

Preserving Agricultural Land on Montreal Island, Canada

by Yosef Robinson

Montreal Island, the core of Greater Montreal, used to be mostly covered by agricultural areas (including some of Quebec’s best farmland), but as the city expanded and its population grew further, agriculture got eve... Read article

City Tree Policy: Planting Indigenous Tree Species in Montreal, Canada

by Yosef Robinson

Trees form an essential part of the landscape of any city, and Montreal is no exception. Their functions include the following: ●     Providing shade; ●     Purifying the air; ●     Beautifying neighbourhoods and pr... Read article

Reconstruction of Montreal’s Turcot Interchange and its Impacts

by Yosef Robinson

The Turcot Interchange is a major highway junction in Montreal, connecting the north-south Autoroute 15 and the east-west Autoroute 20/720.  The elevated interchange accommodates about 280,000 vehicles a day.  It is ... Read article

Linking the Two Segments of Cavendish Boulevard in Montreal

by Yosef Robinson

For almost fifty years, there has been a missing link in Montreal’s road network between two segments of Cavendish Boulevard; one ending in Cote Saint-Luc (an independent municipality), the other in an industrial par... Read article

Repurposing Meadowbrook Golf Course as a Regional Park: Greenspace in West End Montreal

by Yosef Robinson

According to a study, Montreal has one of the lowest percentages of greenspace of any major North American city.  One of the largest pieces of undeveloped greenspace is Montreal’s West End is Meadowbrook Golf Course.  Me... Read article

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