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Wyatt Prosch

Minneapolis' Historic Peavey Plaza Falls into Disrepair & Faces Destruction?

by Wyatt Prosch

There are many factors that weigh into the decision to limit funding for the upkeep of a historic landmark, particularly one significant enough to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Such is the ... Read article

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities Campus Cherishes its Architectural Roots

by Wyatt Prosch

Many universities in the United States work hard to preserve their campuses’ historic architecture. In fact, many schools cherish their old buildings so much that it even plays a part in their recruitment programs. T... Read article

Minneapolis, Minnesota's Historic Stone Arch Bridge Offers a Story of Revitalization

by Wyatt Prosch

The historic Stone Arch Bridge spans 2,100 feet across the width of the Mississippi River and connects the East Bank near the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus to downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Completed... Read article

“Downtown East” Project Revitalizing Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

by Wyatt Prosch

The Downtown East Development project in Minneapolis, Minnesota is revitalizing an aging portion of the city. Situated between the city’s Central Business District and the Mississippi Riverfront in the Mills District... Read article

Lack of Lighting and Shelter Influencing Bus Ridership in Twin Cities Metro Area

by Wyatt Prosch

In the Twin Cities of Minnesota, alternative forms of transportation have been on the rise for many years. Minneapolis is even recognized as having the most bicycle users of any city in the United States. Because of ... Read article

Acclaimed Minnesota State Capitol Undergoing $272M Restoration

by Wyatt Prosch

State Capitol Buildings are incredibly important pieces of architecture in the United States of America. Not only do they house a State’s House of Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court, they also stand as icons ... Read article

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Loring Park Beautifully Mixes Local Culture

by Wyatt Prosch

Loring Park, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, experiences an incredible blend of culture and art. It has a prime location; bordered by multiple neighborhoods, academic establishments, downtown Minneapolis, The Minneapolis ... Read article

Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Inclusion of Sculptural Art Activates its Public Spaces

by Wyatt Prosch

Minneapolis, Minnesota is considered a city with a strong passion for art, with many theaters and art museums scattered throughout the urban fabric of the community. One big giveaway of the metro area’s devotion to t... Read article

Is Frank Gehry’s Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum A Work of Art in its Own Right?

by Wyatt Prosch

When the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis began the process of developing a new home for its art museum – originally founded in 1934 - in the early nineties, they knew immediately that they wanted something spe... Read article

Minneapolis' Guthrie Theater Embraces Architecture as an Experiential Art Form

by Wyatt Prosch

The Guthrie Theater, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota on the West Bank of the Mississippi River, is more than just a theater, it is a center for art. Founded in 1963, its original, now-demolished building once stood... Read article

Despite Renovation, Minneapolis' Foshay Tower Holds onto its Historical Roots

by Wyatt Prosch

Have you ever watched helplessly as a space that you loved was renovated, ultimately preventing you from re-experiencing memories which have taken place there before? Most of us have. Many people were concerned that ... Read article

Minneapolis, Minnesota Stagnates at Its 1972 Height, Without Restrictions

by Wyatt Prosch

Cities are defined by their skylines. A picturesque view of a beautiful downtown forest of skyscrapers can be an incredibly sublime and beautiful sight. People seem to be enamored by buildings that soar high above th... Read article

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