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Tam Nguyen

Car2Go Disinvesting in Low-Income Areas within the Twin Cities

by Tam Nguyen

Aside from the trend of the Nice Ride, a popular bike-sharing program, car-sharing businesses also bloom in the Twin Cities, like many others. Car-sharing is the practice of using one or more cars with other people. ... Read article

St. Paul, Minnesota’s Eugene McCarthy Post Office Underwent Historic Redevelopment

by Tam Nguyen

The two conjoining projects of Custom House apartments and Hyatt Place hotel are one of the biggest development projects completed in 2016 for St. Paul, Minnesota. Towering over the East side of the Twin Cities, alon... Read article

Nice Ride Minnesota Creating Green Transportation across the Metro and Promoting Health and Wellness

by Tam Nguyen

The popularity of bike sharing programs is consistently increasing; as it promotes green transportation by reducing the use of motor vehicles in the city, benefits human wellness, and it’s a convenient alternative to... Read article

A-Mill Artist Lofts Supports Artists and Preserves the History of “Mill City” Minneapolis

by Tam Nguyen

Informally known as “Flour Milling Capital of the World,” the City of Minneapolis flourished even more so when the Pillsbury A-Mill opened for business in the 1880s. Co-founder of the Pillsbury Company, Charles Alfre... Read article

The Walker Art Center & Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Develop a 19-Acre Arts Campus

by Tam Nguyen

The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, a conjunction that depicts richness in cultures and arts, have long been prominent landmarks in the City of Minneapolis. The Walker, alone, contributes subs... Read article

A New Hub for Businesses and Social Gatherings is Coming to Downtown Minneapolis

by Tam Nguyen

Built in 1968, Nicollet Mall became the prize possession of Downtown Minneapolis. It signifies Minneapolis’s economic growth and city development. Now to conserve the mall’s appeal for retail and downtown investment,... Read article

Aquaponics Farming Business Expands in the Twin Cities and Revitalizes Neighborhoods

by Tam Nguyen

Aquaponics is a sustainable agricultural practice that combines aquaculture (the farming of aquatic animals in tanks) and hydroponics (a soilless, plant growing technique). Aquaponics holds a long history that dates ... Read article

St. Paul’s Grand Round Project To Connect Neighborhoods & Parkways

by Tam Nguyen

Horace William Shaler Cleveland, an eminent landscape architect, first envisioned the design of the Grand Round in 1872 when the Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis hired him to sketch a plan for their individual park... Read article

Wirth Food Co-op to Service Food Desert in North Minneapolis

by Tam Nguyen

Named after the Theodore Wirth Park, the Wirth Cooperative Grocery, North Minneapolis’s first food co-operative, is under preparation for opening in 2016. The general idea of a food co-operative reflects a food distr... Read article

U.S. Bank Stadium to Expand While Investing in Green Spaces for Downtown Minneapolis

by Tam Nguyen

After a two-year construction period since the demolition of the Metrodome in January 2014, the professional football team, the Minnesota Vikings, can soon return to Downtown Minneapolis in the summer of 2016. The Vi... Read article

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