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Sunny Sanwar

Kansas City, Missouri to be Home to Most Dense Art District in the Nation

by Sunny Sanwar

Kansas City has a rich history of art. Take the Plaza Fair for example, a local tradition for the past 83 years. The fair started as a small art show during the Great Depression, and has since become a national attractio... Read article

Kansas City, Missouri Start-ups: The Entrepreneurial Hub of Silicon Prairie

by Sunny Sanwar

Metropolitan areas are essential to the nation’s economic development and act as the focal point of vital urban economic activity such as the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. The congregati... Read article

KC Healthy Kids: Combating Childhood Obesity in Kansas City, Missouri

by Sunny Sanwar

Diet and exercise are important factors affecting health. In an effort to battle childhood obesity across the nation and in our communities, KC HealthyKids is empowering children to eat healthy foods and lead active life... Read article

How Highways and Segmentation Affects Kansas City, Missouri

by Sunny Sanwar

Metropolitan areas are essential to national economic development. They act as the focal point of vital urban economic activity: production, distribution and consumption of goods and services within a society. In metro a... Read article

Local Government Tax and Technology Mix in Jackson County, Missouri

by Sunny Sanwar

Increased uptake of state of the art technologies can consolidate various needs and demands for both a city and its people. Systems can be designed through smart phone applications, wireless gadgets, and the internet to ... Read article

Pavement Debates in Kansas City, Missouri

by Sunny Sanwar

Downtown Kansas City, Missouri, like other metropolitan centers, has higher amounts of parking than its neighboring suburban and rural areas. A majority of the land cover in downtown Kansas City, is made up of off-street... Read article

Bio-Retention Breakthroughs in Kansas City, Missouri

by Sunny Sanwar

The City of Kansas City, Missouri is planning to move on the Arrowhead Transmission Main project in the future to address storm-water management and related issues in the city. This entails attempting to increase system ... Read article

The Sudden Rise (and Fall) of Hybrids: The Kansas City Metro Story

by Sunny Sanwar

Hybrids are not a new concept. Using a combination of fuel sources, these species of vehicles, which have divided acceptance in the automaker-consumer spheres, have created much stir over the years. However, the adoption... Read article

Funding a Revolution: The Rise of Fabricated Housing in Kansas City, Missouri

by Sunny Sanwar

Due to higher efficiency and better performances of factory production and assembly lines, manufactured homes are increasingly becoming more popular due to affordability in urban design and housing contexts. Local organi... Read article

Kansas City, Missouri's Clean Initiatives and the Clean Tech Bust

by Sunny Sanwar

Clean technology was forecasted to revolutionize the way we live. Proponents of sustainable development long predicted the end of our ongoing addiction to fossil fuel. Recently however, the clean tech bubble has burs... Read article

Kansas City, Missouri's Mayorial Climate Action Plan

by Sunny Sanwar

Currently there is no universal agreement on the degree, cause, or the severity of climate change. There is, however, a significant agreement on the rise of global emissions due to the quantitative aspects of measure... Read article

KCP&L Using Complexity to Simplify Problems with the SmartGrid

by Sunny Sanwar

The energy industry is a gigantic web of information and non-linear processes that have different networks, feed-ins, and balances between supply and demand on a second-by-second basis. Even at the city level, providing ... Read article

Cities and Climate Change: Kansas City, MO Perspectives on a Global Issue

by Sunny Sanwar

Cities have gained considerable importance in the dialogue of climate change and environmental sustainability. A majority of the earth’s growing population is projected to live in cities. Not only are they responsible fo... Read article

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